Verge Meets: BZ

BZ is a young and upcoming artist who’s talent includes producing, writing and rapping. He has an EP out at moment called ‘Fear No Evil’. We got the chance to have a chat with BZ to get into mindset of the artist and ask questions about the process and development ‘Fear No Evil’ which is available on all music platforms.

What made you want to create music?

From a young age, I’ve always been quite illiterate and I can’t communicate to people verbally as well as I can with music. Music takes away the vulnerability I feel when communicating face to face as I know music won’t judge me.

You released your first EP called ‘Fear No Evil’, can you describe the meaning behind the album and what is your favourite track?

Exclusive To Verge: Official Album Cover Of BZ’s EP

When I first decided to create the EP, I was in a hard place as my dear and close friend of mine Isaac committed suicide. I thought that by creating this EP would help with everything, it took a lot out of me but this EP helped me step out of grime and drill. It also helped me use my words in rap form to spread a message about the sea of death amongst young people. Through this I was able to use my words and my sound to shine a light over the darkness that is among the youth of today to show them through the most popular form of communication that the world has, that you don’t need to fear evil.

My favourite tracks? [laughs]. Honestly that’s a hard one but it would be between ‘Love?’ and ‘Fear No Evil Outro’. During the process of me writing them it put me back in the place I was. I feel like music should reflect you as a person, who you are and how you are feeling. Hearing those tracks back, it makes me feel grateful and humble to know that I got out of those situations and those past experiences which are some of the pieces of the puzzle that help form me.

How did you come up with your musician name?

Unfortunately I can’t really shine the light on that one but just know the name came from greatness, I owe my name to a friend.

What is the message you want to pass on to the people who listened to your EP?

Like I said previously, I want the rest of my generation and other generations to fear no evil, to understand and unleash the greatness from within and to know that although the struggle now is hard you can get through it. For example, one of my favourite quotes is by ‘Steve Harvey’ which he says “If you’re going through hell keep going, don’t give up. Who wants to stay there?”.

What is your genre of music?

Personally I don’t have one. Previously I would tell you I was born to hip-hop after that, maybe grime and drill. But now I prefer to not stick to one genre as the only label I want on me is my name. I am like the flow of the sea’s current, which can change at anytime.

You got a music video coming out soon for one of your songs called “Enemies”, when do you think that will come out and what was the process like putting the video together?

Exclusive To Verge: A Picture Of BZ And His Close Friends Recording The ‘Enemies’ Music Video

The video will be coming out very soon, the process behind it was very fun. It allowed me to show one of my many sides as a bubbly, jokey character. Also in the video, i was surrounded by my friends who I can say are more like family but I just hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. Filming with MJ Visuals was a great experience, a big shoutout to him.

Are you planning to do more collaborations with more artists?

Yes, I do plan on doing more collaborations with more artists, I have some that i’m excited about. On these specific projects just know the mashups with me and these other artists are not something you want to miss out on, 2019 has a lot in store!

When you’re not writing and making music, what do you do in your spare time?

Not to sound corny [laughs] but whenever I have time free I spend time with those I cherish and care for, as I feel because I am so busy and get caught up in my work I neglect my loved ones.

Who is your inspiration that drives you to do music?

My inspiration is my friend who helped me come up with my name. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be doing music anymore as they pushed me when I gave up. The initial inspiration wasn’t necessarily a person it was more from the freedom music gave me – it is my chance to escape the world and write my truth and experiences. The artist who I look up to is ‘Stormzy’.

Any advice for any students who are getting into music?

Stay true to yourself, work hard and set goals. The only thing stopping you is you, have a growth mindset.

For all Music lovers, BZ is a highly recommended artist to listen out for! Listen to BZ’s New EP ‘Fear No Evil’  on all music platforms. Be sure to check out the artist for more of his music content.