Great music and good vibes is all we’re focusing on right now and we’re happy to say we got the chance to have an amazing chat with one of our favourite UK radio DJ’s/presenters Aimee Vivian from Capital FM. Besides from being a huge animal lover and a Nando’s enthusiast, Aimee spends her time spinning our favourite tracks on one of the UK’s largest radio stations. We sat down with her to discuss all things radio, music and all the perks in between!


Tell us more on how you got into radio presenting, was it always something you wanted to do?

I went to Uni to study dance because I really didn’t know what I wanted to do and dancing was something I had done since I was three, but it was there that I discovered radio. I signed up for student radio with a couple of my friends as something to fill time. I ended up loving it so much that after I graduated and moved home, I started volunteering at my local station MKFM. I did this for three years whilst working for my dad’s PAT testing business, and in 2015 my journey at Capital FM started. 

What was the most exciting part about starting your career? 

Finding a passion for something that is all-consuming. Once I discovered radio I was completely fixated. I loved being able to connect with different people on a daily basis and learning about the different avenues I had the potential to take on this career path.  

How does the process of picking what to play on the radio work? 

I’m not sure how it works at every station, but at Capital, we have a specialist team who choose the music. Every track is coded on the basis of how frequently it is played. Everything from current big hits, to reoccurring classics and so on.

Who’s been your favourite guest on your show so far? 

Oh, this is such a hard question! I really love the moments we have backstage at events like the Capital Jingle Bell Ball and the Summertime Ball. Getting to chat to the Jonas Brothers before they brought Busted out on stage last year was amazing.

You’ve worked with tons of brands outside of the world of radio including MTV and Nandos, what has been one of your favourite collaborations so far? 

Well, I was really hoping for a black card from Nando’s because I’m obsessed but who isn’t?! I’m lucky to work with some amazing companies, but I recently did a voiceover for a new show coming to MTV called Busch Family brewed which I had so much fun doing. Trust me, it’s going to be everyone’s new favourite show. 

If you could host any TV show in the world what would it be? 

Country File for sure! I’m a country bumpkin at heart so that would be my dream.

What’s the best part about working in radio? Any really cool perks? 

The best part is getting to wake up every day and go to work doing something you love. I’ve always been a chatterbox, but connecting with people via the radio is so special. You build up such a  relationship with your listeners, you feel like they’re your mates. They tell you their whole lives! When they’ve got a date, if they get dumped, if they are sad, if they are happy and so on. Plus every now and then we get gifted things. I’m a big fan of the food when I get sent – yes to the gluten-free cookies please!

If you could only listen to one song forever what song would it be? 

Kanye West – Power

Who would be featured on your dream radio show? 

Let’s get David Attenborough, Kanye West and Lewis Capaldi all in. It would be carnage!

What advice can you give students and young people who want to get into radio? 

Never give up on your dream and BE YOU. It seems strange to say be you, but you shouldn’t listen to your favourite person on the radio and try to imitate them. Figure out what makes you ‘you’. What your interests are, what music you like, what makes you laugh, what passions you have – embrace them. I am a massive belieber for example, but I also love putting my wellies on and taking my dogs to the farm for a walk – that makes me’ me’ and I fully embrace it.

Be sure to tune into Aimee from Monday to Saturday at 1-4 pm on Capital FM!

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