Verge Meets: Akidearest

Akidearest is a well known anime Youtuber, who is mostly known for her entertaining rants on topics surrounding the anime community as well manga reviews. Whilst being a lover of cosplay, she also has a weekly Q&A series on her channel which people can ask questions in the comments section by using #dearaki. Akidearest currently has over 1.5 million subscribers and over 187 million views on YouTube alone, crowing her the most subscribed female anime YouTuber. We got the chance to haves a great chat with her to really get to know how she got where she is today.

What made you want to make Anime videos and why?

I just liked anime. Other things like Let’s Plays and Beauty channels weren’t really something I connected as well with when it came to making videos. So I guess dealing with anime was just more fun for me.

As we know, you do manga and anime reviews, but you also love doing random and entertaining videos as well- which ones do you enjoy the most?

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Probably the random videos (skits, travels, etc), because there’s always a new experience and way of tackling it. But I still enjoy doing anime and manga reviews too.

What made you become an anime fan and why?

It started off with the art and stories of each series. There were also so many genres to choose from. I feel like I enjoy anime differently than I do with western cartoons. Lots of cartoons like to go all out with being funny and bouncy. With anime, there was a lot of variation in themes and some that were meant for different types of audiences.

What’s the best thing about being an anime YouTuber and why?

Having your parents actually encourage you to keep watching anime! For real though, I guess just the fact I get to do this for a living at all and being able to have fun in a community I’ve always been a part of. If you told me 10 years ago while I was in front of the computer watching Strawberry Panic, “You’re going to make this as a living”, I probably would have misinterpreted it as I was going to be stuck as a jobless otaku my whole life.

What’s your favourite video you’ve ever done?

I used to do this series, Everything you Didn’t Know About (insert anime here). It’s not something most people know me for nowadays, but I loved researching and cracking down the anime I watched. In recent uploads, probably any of my vlogs and trips to Japan.

You collaborate with a lot of YouTubers such as CDawgVA, CrankGameplays and many more. Do you enjoy working with new people, and Could tell us how you met?

Most of the people you’ve seen me collab with have actually been through my boyfriend, Joey. I have social anxiety, so having someone who’s been so social with others has helped me make a lot of new friends. With CDawgVA, I had some google adsense issues one day. Joey told me he had this friend of his who could probably help me, and so from there we started talking. Then I had this idea for a parody of Vogue’s 73 Questions and needed a voice actor. I thought his voice was best suited so we started regularly working together from there on a lot of different projects. With Crankgameplays, he’s been a close friend of Joey’s for a long time so whenever Joey was in town, he’d want to catch up with Ethan and we’d meet periodically. He’s a cool dude! Most of the collaborations I’ve done though were never right off the bat after meeting. We would DM one another casually and it just so happened an idea for a video would pop up somewhere along the way.

We know you’re in a relationship with The Anime Man, how often do you collaborate and do you both like the same genre of anime?

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We collab mainly when we’re physically together. And when we do, we try to do a few videos together as means not only for new content, but just spending time together. Him and I have a lot of similarities when it comes to taste in anime, but we also have seen many series the other hasn’t. For example, he showed me the Little Witch Academia Movie, and I showed him When Marnie was There. Both of which we adored!

What is your favourite anime to watch?

That’s the hardest question to ask an anime fan!. My favorite anime series is Fooly Cooly, and my favorite anime movie is a tie between Summer Wars and Barefoot Gen.

Are you looking forward to the future of anime?

Of course! I don’t dwell too much into the past and instead I try to keep going forward with anime and just enjoying it.

Any advice for students who want to be anime YouTubers or YouTubers?

Do the content you want to do as opposed to what is just popular. However, there is such thing as doing both! You also have to have a lot of thick skin when it comes to comments and criticism. Lastly, make your content yours rather than trying to imitate someone else. You subscribe to a youtuber because of their style or personality as opposed to someone else. So if you just be yourself, people will subscribe to you for you.

For Anime fans and watchers of YouTube, Akidearest is a highly recommended watch. Check out her YouTube Channel out and support her on Patreon for her to make more videos for the anime community!

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