Verge Magazine Brings You FireFan Sports App

  • Over 1 million people pre registered to receive the sports app game.
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Verge Magazine brings you the new cutting edge free interactive professional sports app game – FireFan, the hottest new interactive live global sports app launching in iTunes and Google Play the week of November 21st 2016.

FireFan will enable players to acquire tokens and make “picks” in various sports games in real-time, and is allowing players to pre-register to be the first to download and play the app for FREE.

FireFan can be downloaded for free, and will allow players to earn tokens for free to play with, and the ability to earn additional loyalty rewards points – which can be redeemed for items such as apparel, electronics and even sporting event tickets.

Designed for the sports super fan and the casual one, FireFan offers players the ability to play live and in real-time with many high profile athletes, celebrities and each other as well.

As Verge is always in search of the most innovative cutting edge offers of great value for our readers, we are providing you your very own way to pre register for this sports app game, be the first to receive the app, and other perks using this link: Or go to and use the code vergemag

Anyone who pre registers for this new cutting edge sports app game, using the above link or goes to and uses the code “vergemag” will be entered into a Verge Magazine raffle to receive mentions in the online magazine and special prizes.

The winners and their prizes will be announced in Verge magazine Publication on December 15th.  We at Verge Magazine are excited to bring you this sports app game FireFan, and can’t wait to have fun playing this game with you all.

60 Second video on FireFan:

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