Verge Loves: Weslee

Weslee are taking the music industry by the lips, and if you’ve seen their logo that joke would be way funnier than if you haven’t. They are two brilliant musicians from the UK that remain anonymous,  besides their names; Emma and Josh. For just over a year, Weslee have been creating soothing music for our ears and we would love for them to continue to do so. Although we have zero idea on what their faces look like, we have grown to accept that we must play by their rules. As mysterious as they are, their music appeals to the masses and once you hear them you’ll understand why. Through receiving support from Radio 1 and dominating Spotify and Apple Music playlists, its impossible to ignore these two and why would you want to?

Just incase you haven’t heard what they’re capable of just yet, take a listen to their latest release “Tongue Tied” on their Soundcloud, but we really wanted to show off their latest video for “Boy Like You”.

Feature image from Weslee’s Instagram