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It’s time to experience a new way of drinking. Waterdrop is the world’s first microdrink, a compact sugar-free cube that dissolves in water enriching it with natural fruits, plants and vitamins to increase natural hydration, as well as being thirst quenchingly delicious!

Exclusively sourced from the best fruits and plants from trusted farmers all around the globe, be it Acai from Brazil, Asian Ginseng, Moringa from India or African Baobab, Waterdrop provides the finest ingredients the world has to offer.

Flavours range from sweet to herbal to match your mood and desires, with each drink tailored to the individual and their wants and needs. Add a little water, or a lot, mix it up with sparkling or play it safe with still, however you decide to ‘drop’ your water is up to you.

To celebrate this exciting launch in the UK on World Water Day, Waterdrop is giving away free discovery sets, free sustainable glass bottles worth £23 and even more amazing gifts based on referrals, the more referrals shared with friends and families the bigger the reward. The 10 people with the highest number of refers will earn a Stay in, stay fit Package including waterdrop Steel & Glass bottles, lots of microdrinks, a ZEN Yoga mat, and a 12-month yoga at home online subscription service.


BOOST, when you need it most – Want a bit of salsa in your step? The Brazilian power berry açaí fits perfectly with the exquisite taste of blackcurrant and elderflower. This trio gives you the added edge whenever and wherever you need it most.


DEFENCE, make your day strong – If your body’s defences sag, take a little extra care of yourself: let the unique combination of herbaceous moringa and rosehip extract with cranberry flavour help you. Refreshingly different, it is stronger in the day.


FOCUS, for the moments that count –

More demands, longer hours? Get your quick pick-me-up with the aroma of fresh lime, blended with a cool tang of baobab and acerola. FOCUS — for the moments that count.


Get your GLOW, for the days that smell like summer –

Looking for that radiant sparkle? It’s easier than you think. Just let the tropical mango and cactus fruit connect with artichoke and watch the magic of this tasty trio unfold. Capture that resplendent summer feeling with GLOW.


RELAX, for moments full of levity and ease – Bye-bye stress hello RELAX. If your head is spinning from the chaos noise around you, plunge into the light botanical blend of hibiscus, acerola and the natural flavour of aronia. So, drop into your chill zone with RELAX and start unwinding.


Just start shining with YOUTH – Need a little cell regeneration? The fabulous blend of ginseng and dandelion extracts brings out the best taste of juicy peach and mild ginger. It’s a great combination to highlight your inner resilience and elasticity.


CLEAN, here’s to a new beginning –The distinctive juniper berry extract paired with a fresh hint of stinging nettle extract creates a natural taste of a refreshing herbal blend. Make sure to give your cells some well needed rest and enjoy the ride.


ZEN, breathe in, breathe out – When your mind is in a state of serenity, you experience the beauty of silence and find yourself present in everything. The natural taste of star fruit in perfect harmony with extracts of white tea and lemon grass will remind you of who you really are. Your whole being.


EDITION BOTTLE – made from high-quality borosilicate glass (600ml) and available in eight designs, drink water on the go to stay hydrated and reduce your carbon footprint £22.90


Waterdrop aims to enhance water intake while tackling the ecological footprint of the conventional bottled beverage industry. With a range of accessories available including beautifully designed glass and bamboo reusable bottles.

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