Verge Loves: Warhola “YOUNG LOVING”

Growing up in a little town just outside of Antwerp, Oliver Symons began making and playing music from the young age of eight, having studied classical piano and songwriting. He pursued his musical endeavours into early adulthood and found himself amongst a range of musical projects, most notably Belgian indie-pop group Bazart. Out of the band’s huge domestic success, Symons began developing his individual sound, and thus the Warhola project was born.

Warhola‘s spectacular 2016 EP “Aura” was met with a host of international praise and secured him Best Album at the Belgium Music Industry Awards in the same year. The melancholic synth-pop sounds of the first EP have served as a foundation for Warhola‘s first full album, “YOUNG LOVING”, out right now. All twelve tracks are a deeper, more polished reflection of Symons’ musical range, from more slower grooves like ‘Sportkar’ to the bouncier electronic flow of ‘Glow’.

On the work that went into the album, Warhola had this to say, “After years of hard work I finally finished my debut album and I’m so happy to finally share it with the world. YOUNG LOVING is a very personal album, musically and lyric wise it feels like a summary of what took place in my life during the last years.” The Warhola project isn’t one afraid of working alongside some of the best young talent Belgium, the album also sees Symons collaborate with rising Dutch music starts Glints and Tessa Dixson on ‘Look At Me’, a more soulful, R&B inspired jam. Each Warhola release is accompanied by mesmerizing cinematic videos, collaborating with some of the most talented directors in Belgium.

A personal favourite on the “YOUNG LOVING” album has to be ‘Promise’, not only for the music video’s wacky, disorienting use of perspective, but its eclectic electronica sounds. Symons builds a track that gives you it’s building blocks piece by piece. Opening with a light melody before sliding into a deeper, electronic bass that sucks you into a bobbing rhythm, the track sets you up for a crashing chorus reminiscent of Australian electronic duo SAFIA‘s debut album, “Internal”. It truly is a banger of a track.

If you like what you see you can give the full “YOUNG LOVING” album a listen on iTunes and Spotify. Warhola will begin touring the new album soon, having already made an appearance on Belgian broadcasting giant HUMO with a special live showcase. To keep track of all things Warhola you can follow him on Instagram FacebookTwitter.


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