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Every once in a while we at Verge are fortunate enough to meet someone we think will be BIG! With the UK rap and Grime scene at an all time high we were excited to touch base with up and coming artist “Tricky“. When you already have an Instagram following that includes Stormzy and Giggs, who both openly posted their love of his new mix tape “Proof” we think we just might be on to something (I mean Crikey if Big Mikey is a fan we know we’re in good hands!!)

Hailing from East London (Hackney to be precise) a self-confessed lover of pop music, Tricky has a unique tone and a contagious personality! He may not be the quietest house guest but we are pretty sure he is the life and soul of any party! Proof is catalogue of impressive tracks, mixing some underground UK hip-hop with some clever rhymes and feel good beats.

He’s no stranger to the music scene either, having started out in rap group MashTown, circa 2010 we wanted to know why he’s decided to come back now? We want to know just how Tricky it is to make a come back!!!

So who is Tricky?

“He won’t shoot you but he knows a couple of man who will” (Don’t panic!They are lyrics from Tricky’s new Mixtape) 

I would describe myself as a larger than life East Londoner that loves a bit of pop music and is partial to a bit of banter! #muggy

How would you describe your sound?

I like to think of it as New Era Rap, in my eyes that’s UK rap with influences from all genres of music!

Your not a newbie when it comes to the music game, having already collaborated with Giggs and featuring on his “Str8 Merkin” mix tape, but you’ve had a long break from the industry so why now?

It sounds corny, but I was ready! I have felt really inspired by the way the UK rap scene has really found its platform. When you see Stormzy being put on the main stage at V Festival then you know it’s finally found its feet and is getting the respect it deserves and why wouldn’t I want to be a part of that?!

Who are your influences?

I wouldn’t actually say I have particular musical influences. However I do really respect the work rate of Giggs and he has gone on to do such big things makes the dream seem so much more attainable!

As summer is coming to an end, what song has been your Summer 2017 anthem? 

I love Clean Bandit ft Zara Larson- Symphony. It’s a proper Banger!

What are your long-term goals? Where do you see yourself ?
In a nutshell I wanna be big in hackney lol… (he is Clearly proud of his roots and quite frankly we like it)I try not to think about the end result and work hard day-to-day. Ideally I want to be an established artist and be respected within the industry!!

Tell us who would be the dream collaboration for you? 
That’s easy! Coldplay!! It’s simple to me, they are Legends and I respect them so much!

When you’re not doing music what are you doing?
Living, laughing and traveling! (pretty self-explanatory we think)

What plans are in the pipeline for you?

I’m focusing on finishing my album which will drop later this year and that’s my main priority! I want to make sure it’s something I am really proud of! There’s going to be some collaborations on there that I’m really excited about too!


Download and purchase Proof on iTunes and Spotify now!!

Tricky can be found on Twitter- @trickdaprince 

On Instagram- @princeofdacitytrick

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