Verge Loves: The Pinheads “Is This Real”

This five-piece band has been described in many ways – raucous, electrifying, contagious, face-melting. Hailing from just north of Wollongong, Australia, The Pinheads have just released their sophomore album “Is This Real” via Farmer & the Owl and Stolen Body Records. Now in their fifth year playing together, the twelve-track album reflects their sound’s continued growth, while still holding true to the exciting, frenetic energy of their past work.

Following some hugely successful tours of Australia and Europe as well as an absolutely cracking showcase at SXSWThe Pinheads‘ “Is This Real” blends a range of different sounds, from the likes of The Ramones, Iggy Pop, and The Doors to create something uniquely Pinny. Where The Pinheads‘ self-titled first album could be described as a brilliant ball of arms and legs thrashing about and carrying you along for the ride, “Is This Real” is a deeper exploration of their sound that focuses all that rabid energy into a rich, reflective album that’ll still have you bouncing off the walls.

There are a number of standouts on the album, and each song brings something different to the table; opening track ‘Pure Hate’ has been described as a “sprawling rock monstrosity“. ‘Feel It Now’ throws you into everything that makes The Pinheads live such a spectacle – rumbling drums and thick, gristly guitars touched with backing vocals that beckon you to shout from the crowd in a wild mess.

‘For A While’ feels quite The Rolling Stones with a sing-song chorus that will have you putting your arms around your mates, whereas ‘No Time’ has a gritty garage rock feel with a great guitar riff that seems a perfect time for lead singer Jez hanging from the ceiling of your local. The same can be said of ‘Satisfied’, it’s relentless tempo and ripper of a guitar solo is a nod to the unabashed intensity of their past works.

‘Innocent Crime’ is a slower rock anthem that perfectly demonstrates the new sounds the band has explored on this album. It’s music video perfectly showcases the ingenuity and brilliant weirdness that the band members bring to all their creative endeavours.

Two other standouts on the album are ‘Is This Real’ and ‘Not Like You’, where the band reflects on questions of self, and the world around them. The former is a stripped back track that contemplates the state of the world, and the apathy that many of us have about what we face today. “So is this real?” Jez sings, “The world burns before your eyes. And if it’s real, will you stand and stare as it dies?”

‘Not Like You’ is a defiant, rabble-rouser of track about the human condition in today’s day and age. Music Feeds’ Jackson Langford described it as “a tune about our divergent world of round the clock connection, resulting in chronic isolation, the mingling pot of personalities, untameable ego, opposing ideologies, conflicting cultural ideals and a societal anxiety timebomb threatening to blow at any second.”

Along with the release, the band will be touring the UK and Europe this June! They’re something to behold live, their showmanship knows no bounds. It might be swinging from beams, climbing stacks of amps, clambering out the window and screaming lyrics from the venue rooftop or taking full advantage of an extra long lead to run out onto the street and sing to passers-by. Either way, you leave a Pinheads gig a different person, but you’re not sure how because you’re trying to figure out what the hell you just witnessed.

You can find all the details about “Is This Real” via the band’s official Facebook and Instagram, as well as grab your tickets to their UK/Euro shows here. “Is This Real” is available for purchase right now, and you can also find it on iTunes and Spotify.

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