Verge Loves: The KitSound Swing Radio

For those who like the 1920’s aesthetic and portable music, KitSound has the perfect product for you.


Despite its retro look, the Swing Radio does everything a modern radio does: you can wake up to your favourite song with the clock radio function, and slam the snooze button when you realise you shouldn’t have made your favourite song your alarm.

It also features a carry handle for easy portability. If you’re going to a picnic, cooking in the kitchen, or finishing up an essay in your bedroom, the Swing Radio will be there for you.

The bright LCV screen gives a touch of modernity to its retro body and can be mains or battery operated for your convenience. The KitSound Radio also allows you to connect your device via an aux input, so you can get ready to your favourite playlist.

Find out more about this great radio, and where you can purchase yours here:


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