2019 saw guaranteed results every time as Dean Edwards, John Gregory-Smith, Ruby Bhogal, Briony-May Williams and Pixie Turner took part in the longest day cooking relay to launch Vorwerk’s new Thermomix® TM6

This summer premium house-hold appliance company, Vorwerk hosted the most jam-packed cooking relay around. A host of top celebrity chefs, foodie influencers and amateurs, tagged in and out of the ultimate cooking marathon  which kicked off at 4:41am sunrise!

Coming complete with the 12 brilliant functions of the TM5, plus an additional 8 new modes exclusive to the all-new TM6, Thermomix® promises guaranteed results – and delicious dishes – every time.  Throughout the 16+ hour cook-off, each ‘chef’ manning a state-of-the-art TM6 produced culinary perfection, enabled by exploring every corner of the world’s biggest cookbook Cookidoo®.