Verge Loves: Soundasleep

Soundasleep has launched a new pillow and app guaranteed to give even the most restless of sleepers a good night’s sleep.

The high-tech Bluetooth pillow is more than just a pillow. It’s the perfect combination of sound system and luxury pillow and has benefits for all – for those into mindfulness, learning, podcasts, music or audio books, or couples wanting to combat snoring.

Download the free soundasleep app to gain access to a variety of features including a sleep tracker, smart alarm and snore management function, plus a range of sounds and music to fall asleep to. It can also help you monitor your intake of alcohol, caffeine, exercise and stress to establish the impact on your sleeping patterns.

The mindfulness tracks are a selection of meditation, natural sounds, white noise and sleep aid can be played from the app through the pillow for a relaxing sleep environment. From ocean waves to a vacuum cleaner, choose the sound that helps you drift off, you’ll wake up peacefully too, with a smart alarm playing your chosen music or sounds through the Bluetooth speaker.

Compatible with thousands of apps, soundasleep can play sounds from a variety of entertainment including Spotify, BBC Sport and Apple Music. Plus the brand new pillow supports Amazon Alexa.