Verge Loves: Scenes of Reason; Decoding the News for Disengaged Youth



Here are some frightening statistics:

  • 69% of young adults are disengaged with politics

• 86% of young adults are dissatisified with their ability to influence what happens in their life

• 78% of young adults learn about the news and current affairs from social media sites like YouTube

• 89% of young adults would appreciate a service that covers the basics of topics covered in the news, regularly

In this day and age, it is very easy to become disengaged with current affairs, leading to many young people feeling intimidated and too embarrassed to ask the questions that need to be asked, leaving young people confused and removed from some very important worldly issues.


A new video encyclopedia has launched to help de-code the news and engage young people ahead of the most important general election in a generation. Scenes of Reason is a video bulletin service that uses young experts to offer no nonsense, accessible information, analysis and commentary to politically perplexed and disengaged 16-28 year olds. With the concept of people powered news and inclusive debate at its heart, the Scenes of Reason website will also feature interactive Q&As, discussion and thought leadership on a full spectrum of issues in and out of the news.


Founder of Scenes of Reason, Olivia Cappuccini explains further: “Many young adults are intimidated by the news and feel incredibly distant from politics. The fact is that the issues dominating the political agenda affect everyone, everywhere, all the time; not least young adults. We are building a viewer-led video encyclopedia to demystify and de-code the 21st century political discourse which is too-often distorted by spin, un-accessible language and media bias. “When it comes to the news, young adults increasingly prefer to watch than to read. It’s about time they had content created by and for them. That’s our mission statement and it’s more important than ever with only 69 days until the general election.”


The videos on Scenes of Reason are understandable, engaging, and at many times humorous, making it easy, interesting and enjoyable to watch and to learn. The videos use music from upcoming artists, and powerful footage and graphics to ensure that viewers find the footage entertaining and educational. If you miss something in the video, there is no need to worry, each video is supported by written pieces to read and ensure you totally understand.


Visit to watch the latest videos, and learn more about your Hilary Clinton topic. Knowledge is power, get inspired!


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