Verge Loves: Rdio

We have found the ultimate online music streaming service, and we are LOVING it.

Meet Rdio, an ad-free streaming service that creates stations based on your personal music tastes and mood while allowing you to stream music from wherever you are.

Rdio has one of the largest online music catalogs with an astonishing 32 million songs available in 85 countries on any listening device.


Stations are available for free, but for £9.99 a month you can listen to playlists and albums ad-free. Discounts are available for web-only listeners, families, and students.

What makes Rdio so unique is that it is tailored to your own listening patterns and creates stations based on personal choices and social engagements. A five-point scale lets you slide between “artist only” songs to more “adventurous” picks.


Rdio’s “You FM” feature is based on past listening histories, Facebook likes, and other factors making a listening experience completely yours based only on things that you enjoy.

If you’re interested in finding new music, Rdio can help with that too. Rdio is stocked with 400 sub-genre stations, so you’re bound to find a record that fits your fancy. If you’re interested in what your friends are listening to, Rdio allows you to listen to a friend-based radio station or check in on their own personalized stations.



There are many music streaming services out there, but Rdio makes itself stand out with how much users can personalise their experience.