Verge Loves: Mallrat

So, what have you heard about this Australian alternative pop firework? She’s probably one of the most interesting new artists you’ll hear; we’re not too sure how she manages to balance being completely unique and relevant to every girl at the same time, but if it was easy all of us would do it right? When you’re a teen, the last thing you want to do is stand out too much- the idea of blending in seems far more attractive, well not to Mallrat. She thrives on standing out, making crazy yet authentic pop music, and staying fabulous in her own way. Her music seems to make us want to get a blank canvas and paint all our emotions as if we’re abstract, misunderstood artists from Shoreditch, and why not?! Every person needs some creativity in their lives and Mallrat is here to give you that. Mallrat is our new hero, she’s fun, brilliant and ever so unapologetic with her flair and creativity. If you want to keep up with our obsession, check out her latest single “UFO” featuring Allday, which has been replayed so many times we think we may have a problem. She’s due to touch down in London Town on the 29th of March.. so we’ll see you there?

Header image taken from Mallrat’s Instagram

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