Verge Loves: Liza Owen

Liza Owen is our new pop hero. She’s got the style, she’s got the attitude, she’s got the voice, she’s got it all guys. She’s been pretty popular online and has made it to quite a few major playlists, especially with her latest release “Fallin”. Its full of fire and it’s just what you need for some summer sass. We’ve all been there, finding that one person that makes your heart feel like it’s literally going to explode, but it fizzles out and you wonder what happened! Liza has captured it all and put it into a song that has been on repeat for more than just a ‘little while’ (listen to the song and you’ll get the joke)

Check out a Soundcloud stream 0f her latest single “Fallin” and don’t forget to show the love on all other streaming platforms!

Header image from Liza’s Instagram