Verge Loves: El Pirata

Let me set the scene.  El Pirata, Mayfair: An incredibly quaint but vibrant tapas bar.

I’m hungry. Suddenly, but not too suddenly as we were able to sit down and have a lovely chat with the incredibly welcoming manager, we are presented with three dishes: Ham, green peppers and bread. It sounds simple and that’s exactly why I loved it. It’s beautifully simple but so effective. A dish that opens up the taste buds, is light, but is still full of flavour.

El Pirata 6


In case it wasn’t obvious enough, I really liked the appetizer. It wasn’t just because it tasted like how I’d imagine heaven would taste like, but it was a great way to ease you into the meal as well as the restaurant itself.

Now I was ready to try something I’ve never tried before. I conferred with the waiters and somehow they convinced me to try the octopus. I am not a fish person, so how they did that I’ll never know. I’ll put that down to the appetizer being so good and the incredible white wine they had given us. I didn’t regret my decision to be so daring as the octopus was perfect. A fantastic texture coupled with the right seasoning, allowing the taste of the octopus to come through without being overpowering.


El Pirata 3


Alongside the octopus we had a selection of other fine dishes. My favourite was the Monkfish which was lightly fried and bursting with sweet, unwavering flavour.

To follow, we had the classic fish Paella; another great dish we were all truly in love with. The rice and shrimp were beautifully balanced and full of flavour.

El Pirata 7

For dessert we finished with crème brûlée. Delicous. We decided to celebrate our great find with a Tequila Sunrise. The perfect way to end a wonderful meal.


El Pirata is only a few yards away from Green Park and is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. It has a winning formula of an experienced, but incredibly warm and welcoming staff; in a space with incredibly interesting décor, especially if you like art; and has an atmosphere that pairs perfectly with the cuisine and location.

El Pirata 1

Congratulations are in order! Here’s to another 20 years.

Verge x

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