Verge Loves: iPhone 8 Plus with Vodafone

There are many perks to our jobs here at Verge, one of them is being able to get our hands on the Apple’s latest hi-tec offering, the luxurious iPhone 8.  We spent all our time (quite literally) getting to know the ins and outs of the next Apple sensation, and we must say that we were completely in awe. We thought it would be great to share some of our best bits, just so you can really grasp our intense love (we cannot promise that it won’t absorb our lives).

Now, unlike the iPhone 7, Apple claims that the iPhone 8 has the most durable glass ever – we can check that off the list! We can verify that this phone will survive the falling out of the bag, or falling on the floor in the tube. Not only is the glass protective, it also makes the phone easy on the eye. With it being available in a variation of cool and classy colours and tones, it’s worth taking a peek into your network upgrades.

We’ve all been guilty of  a little Beyonce shower sing-a-long but as soon as the shower hits full blast, your Single Ladies is drowned out by the gushing pipes. Well, with the iPhone 8 speakers being 25% louder than the 7 you’re looking at a full concert ahead. Personally, I’ve always been petrified of smartphones that claim to be waterproof; I’m always expecting my phone to dramatically freeze with an internal swimming pool forming if it gets caught in the rain. Fortunately enough for me, the iPhone 8 didn’t let me down. Not only is this device waterproof, but it’s also dust resistant … always great to have that extra dust protection.

If you desire a phone that can give you more than snapchat filters, then the iPhone 8 is your go to. Of course, snapping and instagraming is completely necessary and very important for ootd posts and selfies. But with the 8’s 12mp camera and 4k video feature, you may want to take up some real photography classes. This camera encouraged us to get out of the office and take some great shots of the tree’s, the grass and to also film my new lip kit routine- all in amazing quality.

When we found out that the 7 didn’t have a headphone jack, our worlds collapsed. All of a sudden we were forced to invest in these dangly wires, every time we lost them, just to listen to music. The headphone jack is not back in town but Apple made it up to us with wireless charging. Fair play Apple, fair play.


Finally, for all the vain creatives, Apple has finally included the new portrait lighting feature. This feature its just brilliant for those dramatic moments at the park on a Sunday; you know, the walking the dog/mini photoshoot days. Or, for the less self absorbed, it’s a great feature for quality family portraits that are picture frame ready.

With the phone coming in 4.7″ and 5.5″ screen display, it’s worth investing in the future of technology! Apple, we love you unconditionally.

iPhone 8 Plus, From £52 per month Stockist details



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