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In March 2019 Google revealed major plans to get involved in the gaming industry with a game streaming service, called Google Stadia. Google has been teasing the new gaming platform over the past few months and the gaming and tech community have been talking non-stop about whether it’ll have the power to awaken the new era of gaming. Game-streaming could be the next step in the evolution of gaming as a whole, something which finally breaks down the barriers and shows competition within the three main console companies. Half of the gaming community say game-streaming is far from the new and advanced to be recognised by mainstream gamers who are unsure if they will be happy with the final product. On the other side, most gamers are interested in how Google is looking to expand the gaming culture to make it even more enjoyable then it is already and to deliver what is promised to the community.

Google’s own servers come in to play when you store and run games, which you connect to and play whenever and wherever you’d like – on your desktop, laptop, TV, phone or tablet, no console required. As long as it’s internet-connected and has access to Chrome, it can run in 4k, HDR video with 60 fps and 5.1 Surround on Stadia. You’ll discover new games is through YouTube and through your favourite streamers on Twitch. which you can now join while they’re playing through a feature called Crowd Play; through a Google link to a friend’s game called State Share or via advertisements that let you play the game by clicking a link on a YouTube video. The goal here is to reach a point when you see a game on YouTube and you can instantly jump into that game on Stadia. There are 31 games in total rumoured to be released on the “Google Stadia”, which the following games include Destiny 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Division 2, Doom, The Tomb Raider trilogy and many more. There has been a leak that further goes on about 10mbps download speeds and 1mbp upload speeds which will be the minimum required, with Google’s 35mbps speeds providing the ultimate experience for 4K content.

One of Google Stadia’s key features is for the controllers to have the ability to use the Google Assistant button as a gaming assistant while you’re playing a game. This will not only provide you with guides and walkthroughs but also comes with a share button that gets Google to send a second stream of your game to YouTube in 4K resolution which you can watch at any time, share with your friends or share with the YouTube Gaming community. Google Stadia does not require any additional hardware to play, it will work with any controller you have laying around on your PC or you can always use your keyboard and mouse if that’s the play style that you prefer to use while gaming.

Google Stadia Will Launch On November 2019! For More Info About Google Stadia, Check Out The Video Below!

Official Stadia Connect Trailer:

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