Verge Loves: Google Pixel 4

After the new iPhone, Samsung and Huawei launches over the past couple of months, we were waiting in anticipation for what Google are going to be presenting with their new smartphone offering – the Pixel 4. Never one to disappoint, Google has made some serious improvements to its software, making it their fastest ever phone, 50% more RAM, night-sight camera and longer battery life.

Here’s the top 10 things to know…


1: The phone made the Google way.

Pixel 4 is the phone made the Google way. Its camera takes the perfect shot every time, even when it’s dark outside. The Google Assistant helps you get things done with just a squeeze – fast. Pixel 4 is also the first phone with Motion SenseTM, letting you use gestures to get things done without having to touch your phone. Best of all, Pixel is built around the Google software that you know and love, and it’s always getting better.


2: Capture the cosmos.

Pixel 4 can take a picture of the Milky Way with one tap, in Night Sight mode. This mode now lets you see into space and capture the stars. Astrophotography is one of the many features that make Pixel 4 one of the best low-light cameras in the galaxy.


3: All the helpfulness of Google.

The Google Assistant is the fast and easy way to get things done – send texts, get directions and even plan your day. To get started, just squeeze your Pixel or say “Hey Google”.


4: A new way to control your phone.

Pixel 4 has Quick Gestures, powered by Motion Sense, that lets you do things like skip songs, snooze alarms or silence calls without having to touch your phone. It’s great for when you’re exercising, cooking or enjoying your favourite tacos. Just wave your hand above the screen.


5: Point and shoot for the perfect photo.

The software in Pixel 4 helps you to take studio-like photos anywhere. There’s nothing new to learn and no editing required. Just point at what you want to capture and your Pixel 4 will help you to get a fantastic shot, every time.


6: Beautiful photos, no matter where you take them.

Capture brilliant colour, even with photos that you take in your favourite apps. Pixel 4 also lets you adjust the exposure balance of different parts of the photos separately.


7: A phone that’s fast, responsive, and with 50% more RAM.

Pixel 4 is fast and responsive. Pixel Neural CoreTM is the custom engine that powers features like Motion SenseTM, face unlock and the Google Assistant. It’s also what powers helpful camera features like Top Shot. Pixel 4 comes with 50% more RAM, for a snappy user experience.


8: Perfection on display.

Experience your content on Pixel 4’s dynamic OLED Smooth Display, which is capable of 90 Hz. It automatically adjusts between 60 and 90 Hz for the best viewing experience and optimal battery performance. Ambient EQ technology helps to improve your viewing experience based on your environment.


9: An Adaptive Battery that lasts all day.

With Pixel 4’s all-day battery, you can stay unplugged. It learns your favourite apps and reduces power consumed by the ones that you rarely use.


10: More doing. Less worrying.

Pixel 4 comes with three years of OS and security updates, access to Google’s advanced security services, and the custom-built Titan M security chip that helps to protect your most sensitive data.

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