Verge Loves: Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL

Google has just released its highly anticipated new Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, revolutionizing the already highly acclaimed Pixel line.

With consumer expectations of smartphones being at an all-time high, Google does not disappoint with its new venture. The Pixel takes vivid, share-worthy photos that make you your own professional photographer. The Pixel connects you to the world with all the apps you already love, while keeping current with the latest software. And a battery life that is reliable for long stretches so you can concern yourself with all the phone has to offer without worrying about needing to constantly recharge.

The phone comes in three colors – Just Black, Clearly White and (our personal favorite) Purple-ish which is a pearly, chic off-white purple. The Pixel 3a is designed to fit nicely in your hand and includes an OLED display for crisp images and bright colours. And prices that won’t break the bank, in the UK starting at £399 for the 5.6-inch display and £469 for the 6-inch model.

Google sent out a “10 things to know about the Pixel 3a” that gives you the rundown of what to expect from the new phone:


  1. A brilliant screen and beautiful design inspired by the Pixel design language.

  2. An extraordinary camera, for all of your moments. (We love the Night Sight, eliminating the need for a flash in darker settings so you never end up with overexposed photos)

  3. Charges fast. Lasts all day. A 15-minute charge will give you seven hours of use.

  4. You can do more with The Google Assistant such as sending texts, get directions and set reminders all with your voice.

  5. More doing and less worrying about security breaches and the latest threats with Google’s protective OS updates.

  6. A phone that is built for tomorrow with helpful AR in Google Maps. It’s like a map on top of your real world. With other technological advancements with Google Lens.7 and bringing your photos and videos to life with Playmoji, animated stickers, and captions in Playground.

  7. Premium audio, your way. Blast your music* on stereo speakers, use the ultra clear USB-C** digital audio out or plug your old headphones into the 3.5 mm jack.

  8. Friends of Pixel gives you the ability to customize your phone with high-end accessories from Google like premium fabric cases in complimentary colors and quick access to the Google Assistant* with the Pixel USB-C** digital earbuds.

  9. Better Together, making it simple and easy to pair your Pixel 3a with other Google products.

  10. Switch to a Pixel and keep everything you love using Google’s Quick Switch adaptor to transfer photos, music and media quickly.

The Pixel 3a is available now through Google Store, Carphone Warehouse and Curry PC World, and from EE, Argos and Mobile Phones Direct from 8th May.


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