Verge Loves: GOD OF WAR 4

On the 28th April 2018, the fourth instalment of Sony’s astonishing and exclusive series, ‘GOD OF WAR’ was released on PS4. The game offers stunning and detailed graphics creating a unique world to fight and explore as Kratos alongside his son Atreus.

The story picks up years after Kratos sought his revenge against the Olympian gods; Kratos now lives in a savage land inhabited by Norse gods, and is attempting to teach his son how to survive and thrive in a dangerous world. He also is learning what it means to be a father at a moderate process that occurs over the course of the game. Kratos is distant, self-contained and peppery in the beginning, but he slowly opens up to Atreus. The new god of war is an excellent game, lovingly crafted and engaging all the way through.

The most rudimentary, and immediately recognizable, change is to the game’s camera. The original series was expound by its camera angles, which were correctly hand-placed by SIE Santa Monica Studio, to always frame the game’s action in a particular way. GOD OF WAR’s world is enormous set aside at 30 hours to explore it but it is devoid of the busy work that spreads comparably committed games. Every digression from the main story is an adventure rather than a task, making exploration worth your while for more than the treasure earned.

Afterall if you’re a longtime fan or new to the GOD OF WAR series, you’ll likely come away impressed with how this game manages to be much more than just a bloodfest filled with other-worldly monsters, all while managing to maintain the gameplay aspects that will make you fall in love with GOD OF WAR.

Key Features

  • Price: £46.00
  • Developer: Sony Sant Monica
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Exclusively on PS4

GOD OF WAR – Official Story Trailer:

GOD OF WAR – Official Gameplay Trailer:

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