Verge loves: GLITCH FESTIVAL 2016

This year’s Glitch Festival was not one to miss. Verge attended one of Malta’s finest electronic celebrations and we did not leave disappointed.

Taking place at the beginning of September at the Buskett Roadhouse, Verge indulged in a two day extravaganza of fun, sun and amazing music and memories that no amount of snaps could capture. This 2000 capacity open-air venue had the buzz of a lifetime and we really enjoyed being bang smack in the middle of it. We spent the two days engrossed in music and nature as we soaked up the tunes in the amazing outdoor club surrounded by one of Malta’s few wooded areas. As if being in stunning Malta wasn’t enough, the Glitch line up was able to raise many glasses and put a spark into everyone’s evening. Hailing electronic legends such as Carl Craig and Dave Clarke among many other incredible talents, there’s clearly no better place to rave than Glitch Fest. From the pounding pulse of Ben Klock’s innovative and refreshing set to the full authentic electronic sound of Yamaha, Glitch had a beat to please all.

We take festivals pretty seriously here at Verge and we’re not afraid to be quite critical when it comes to having a great time; but with that being said, there is no way we could fault Glitch Fest as it is probably one of the best things you could do to bid farewell to summer. It was ran beautifully by people who really care about the electronic scene and the proof of that was embedded all around us.The passion of electronic music was taken straight from San Ä wann to the other side of the island with no casualties. The essence of Liquid Club was thriving and people really appreciated every aspect of care that was put into the event. Glitch will only grow and we strongly suggest that you be a part of the journey- if not, more fun for us!

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