Verge Loves: The FA Women’s Super League

Danielle Turner (Everton) & Gemma Bonner (Liverpool) will play in the first match of the WSL season which is the Merseyside Derby, the first in the history of the WSL 1.




It’s always great to witness passion; whether it be in sports, education or the arts, having passion is key to success. Luckily enough for us, we were able to spend time with some very passionate and dedicated profesional sportswomen whilst attending the Women’s Soccer League launch.

We start off by talking with England and Manchester City Captain Steph Houghton (Pictured Below).


Steph Houghton: England & Manchester City Captain – Midfielder

What’s your goal for the season?

S.H: Personally, just to play as many games as I can, at an even better level than I have done for the past few years, and to win trophies in Manchester City.

Who would you say is your sporting hero?

S.H: David Beckham or Steven Gerrard. When I was growing up David Beckham was in his prime, and I just loved the way that he used to take his free kicks, how he used to cross a ball and his passing; and Steven Gerrard because of the way he led his team.

Greatest sporting moment?

S.H: Winning a bronze medal with England is up there; and being named captain of England.

Which team do you like to beat the most?

S.H: Chelsea because of the rivalry that we’ve got over the last few years. I’ve got respect for them as a team, you want to be playing against the best players and they certainly have a lot of them!

How do you prepare yourself on match day?

S.H: Mostly just chilling out, making sure I get the right food and we always have a prematch at the stadium before we go in. Then also just chilling and stretching before we go on.

Which player would you like to transfer over to Man City?

S.H: I’d have Kim Little from Arsenal. I played with her at Arsenal and I know what she’s capable of, she scores a lot of goals and creates a lot of goals.

Outside of football, what do you like to do?

S.H: Shopping, coffees, going out for food, pretty boring really! We can’t go clubbing but nothing makes us happier than going to the shops and having a coffee!

If you were to play in another sport, what would it be?

S.H: I think I’d like to play cricket. When I was growing up my dad played cricket and I used to watch him all the time.

Indian takeaway or Chinese?

S.H: Indian takeaway. This is where me and my boyfriend differ because he loves Indian food and I love Chinese.

Away or home games?

S.H: Home games

Summer or Winter?

S.H: Summer

World Cup or Champions League?

S.H: World cup, I’ll win the World Cup one year and the Champions League the next!


Jenna Schillaci: Tottenham Hotspur – Defender


Who is your sporting hero? 

J.S: David Ginola! As a Spurs fan, I grew up watching the team and loved the way he played. I’m left footed as well so I always wanted to be like him.

Your favourite sporting moment?

J.S: Last season when we won the league at White Heart Lane, undefeated! It was the first time the Tottenham ladies had played there, and it happened to be the last time before it got knocked down; it was a special moment for everyone involved in the club.

What team do you dislike the most, and love to beat? 

J.S: I don’t hate any team (laughs), but I’d say our main rival in our league last year was Charlton. We got them in three cup finals and we used to get them in every final. Now we’re out of that league, so we won’t be playing them as much.

From another club that you’ve played against, who would you love to join you at Tottenham Hotspurs?

J.S: It would have to be Crystal Palace striker Gemma Bryan! As a defender, I had to mark her and she was an absolute handful! (laughs)

Outside of football, what do you love to do? 

J.S: Just socialising with my friends and family really. We all have full-time jobs and we train three nights a week, then we play on Sunday; we don’t really have that much free time! So any free time I get, I try to spend it with them.

Coming up to match-day, what gets you in the zone? 

J.S: On the day of the match we’ll meet up early with the girls and we kind of buzz of each other! We all have our own routine and songs that get us going in the changing rooms.

If you could play in another sports team, which team would it be? 

J.S: I think I’d like to play American Football, I think I’d give it a shot!

Let’s play a bit of would you rather; would you rather Indian takeaway or Chinese?

J.S: Chinese

Away games or home games? 

J.S: Home

Summer or Winter?

J.S: Summer

Finally, would you rather win the women’s premier league or the women’s world cup? 

J.S: Premier League


Katie Chapman: Chelsea Football Club Captain -Midfielder


What’s your personal goal for the season?

K.C: To win more trophies, winning is my aim for the season!

Anything you want to improve on from last season? 

K.C: I always want to be my best, I want to make sure I give everything I can in every game. Being one of the experienced members of the team, I want to help younger members to improve to help our team as a whole.

Who would you say is your sporting hero? 

K.C: I’d have to say Zidane- I loved to watch him play, I thought he was unbelievable. He’s so technically gifted!

What would be your favourite sporting moment? 

K.C: I’ve got so many but probably winning the quadroped at Arsenal in 2007. We won every domestic trophy in that year, as well as the champions league.

Which team would you love to beat the most? 

K.C: Manchester City have been our rivals, it’s just North vs South to be honest (laughs). Arsenal are also one of the harder teams, but obviously I love them as a club because I’ve played there too.

Out of the other teams, if there’s one player you’d like to transfer to Chelsea, who would it be?

K.C: I wouldn’t transfer any players, I absolutely love my team. I love the people in my team, I love the personalities and the players. We don’t need anyone else, we’re absolutely fine! (laughs)

What gets you in the mode for match day? 

K.C: I haven’t got any rituals that I do – Once i’m in, I get myself sorted, I make sure everyone else is okay because I’m the mother of the team (laughs). Being the captain, I have to make sure that it’s a calm atmosphere, there’s no anxiety or nerves.

Outside of football, what do you like to do?

K.C: Spend time with my children! I’ve got three boys so I like to get as much time as I can as we work 6 days a week; it’s tough!

Outside of football, which other professional sport would you join? 

K.C: Funnily enough, I used to swim! I started to play with the boys and that’s how I got spotted and asked to join the team, but before football I used to swim. I’d love to do ice hockey, I’d like to do a marathon – all the type of stuff that people wouldn’t want to do, I’d do!

Would you rather Indian or Chinese takeaway? 

K.C: Indian!

Away or home game?

K.C: Home games

Summer or winter? 

K.C: Summer!

World cup or premiere league? 

K.C: I’d actually like to win the World Cup because I’ve won in quite a few leagues already.


Jordan Nobbs: Arsenal – Central Midfielder


What’s your personal goal for this season?

J.N: Over the last few years I’ve had a few injuries, so to be fully fit and wearing the Arsenal shirt is my main aim. I want to be a stand-out midfielder, winning trophies and scoring goals. I fully believe that if I work hard I can be one of the top players in the league and my ambitions is to push myself to that level.

Who would you say is your sporting hero?

J.N: It’s actually Kelly Holmes. She did a Kelly Holmes sponsorship, where I got to meet her which was incredible. How she pushed herself, as a person, to win medals like that is just an inspiration to powerful women.

What would you say is your favourite sporting moment?

J.N: I’m going to go back to the under 19’s Euro championships. When I was younger we won gold there and that was a major stepping stone for me to win gold and score in the final. I knew that I could push myself to the next level. I’m 23 and with a gold in an England shirt.

When you’re playing, which team do you love to beat the most?

J.N: I’d probably say Chelsea. It’s always a competitive game. It gets a bit fiery and I just think it’s a good game to watch.

On a match day, what do you do to prepare for the game?

J.N: I used to be very superstitious when I was younger but now I like to eat well and sleep well and just have a positive mindset really.

Is there a player from another team that you would like to join Arsenal to play alongside you?

J.N: I’d say Camille Abily from France; she’s an unbelievable centre midfielder!

Outside of football, what do you like to do?

J.N: We don’t get that much time to be honest-  but I love to eat out, I love nice food and good company really. You obviously are living the best possible dream of playing football; but on the flip side, you do take a lot of time away from seeing your friends and family, so you have to make the most of it when you get that chance.

If you were able to play in a different sport, what sport would you play?

J.N: I’m bad at tennis, so it can’t be that, although I’d like that! Maybe I’d have one of the Williams’ as a partner!

Chinese or Indian take away?

J.N: Chinese

Away or home games?

J.N: Home

Summer or Winter?

J.N: Summer

World Cup or Premier League?

J.N: World Cup


The FA Women’s Super League season kicks-off on the weekend of the 22-24 September. For more information on both leagues and to purchase tickets, visit:













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