Verge Loves : Desperados Epic House Party

On Saturday, Desperados, Skream and Elrow decided to create an Epic House Party at London’s newest venue, Magazine, that waved goodbye to those party frustrations we could definitely do without!

After research* revealed exactly what frustrates 18-34 years olds most on a night out (below), Desperadoes created a night where NO time was wasted queuing up for drinks (thanks to the giant octopus bartender serving eight drinks at a time), and where the security welcomed partygoers in with open arms thanks to the band of friendly security (GRANDMAS) at the door! There was also SO. MUCH. GLITTER.

The ideas were crowdsourced internationally through #WeAreTheParty, making this one of the most inclusive parties showcasing mass creativity and the power of the individual.

Across 2019, Desperados challenged consumers to enter their epic party ideas through social media using #WeAreTheParty, bringing the most epic ones to life. Some of the other ideas present at the Epic House Party included:


  • Feel the Music – Some people are often excluded from the music on nights due to their disability e.g. the hearing impaired. To help these partygoers have the best experience, Desperados are helping London-based duo ‘Deaf Twins’ Hermon and Herodafeel the music’ through custom built haptic jackets.
  • Friendly security – How many times have you been turned away by a grumpy bouncer, well Desperados and partygoer Risky Road have found the most friendly person to welcome guests… and who’s more friendly than your grandma?! Enter London-based streetwise granny, Grime Gran, who greeted guests with smiles and laughs to get the party started.
  • See the Stage – We can’t all be 6ft tall… and jumping up and down constantly to see the stage can be a real pain, so we brought to life an idea from Laurentine Van Landenghem from Belgium so partygoers didn’t miss out on a thing.


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