Verge Loves: CC Honeymoon “Make It Right”

A carpenter by trade, during the day you might find him labouring away on a building site, dreaming of his next gig. Asher Preston, stage name CC Honeymoon is an up and coming solo artist that brings R’n’B overtones and a DIY attitude to his distinctive synth-pop style.  Despite its conceptual and highly visual aesthetic, this is not a project formed in art school: there is graft behind the glamour.

CC Honeymoon recently released his latest single “Make It Right”. On the single, he offers the following “In its simplest form it’s about a breakup, its from the point of view of the person being left. Asking for one more night with their partner thinking they would get closure and potentially stop them from leaving.” The project was an especially solo journey, with Asher writing, recording, and performing the song from first note to finished piece.

The solo creative journey was also a very personal one, Asher noted that “I wrote and recorded this song in my bedroom over the winter, whilst I went through a period of being a bit of a hermit not wanting to go out or socialise, I was quite “in my own head” during this time and think that spills into this track. I wanted to write a song about how I think everyone internalises their emotions a lot when they’re in a relationship, obsessing over how the other person feels, are they keen on me, do they love me? Do they have doubts? Are they cheating? Constantly second-guessing the partner due to our own insecurities. When in reality everything could be fine and they’re happy, it could just be you that has the problem.”

Despite the formative stage of the project, CC Honeymoon comes to life in a live setting. He already has numerous sell-out shows to his name, including a raucous recent show at The Shacklewell Arms in East London. Along with his new single, Asher is bringing his provocative and decadent live shows across the UK, including the Test Pressing Festival in Hackney, London on Saturday 27 April.

You can get all the CC Honeymoon info, including new releases and live shows via Facebook.


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