Verge Loves: Calypso-GO!

This week, temperatures across the UK threaten to rise past 35 degrees! Yet in typical British fashion, heavy clouds and torrential rain are also on the way.

As any dermatologist will tell you, you can still burn if it’s cloudy, so Brits need to ensure they’re protected – come rain or shine. In a bid to tackle the famously indecisive weather, Calypso Sun Protection has provided the ultimate answer: The Calypso-GO!

The limited-edition Calypso-GO! is a fully functioning umbrella-come-parasol, which contains a special bottle of Calypso SPF30 Once a Day Sun Lotion in the handle. The bottle, snugly housed below the handgrip, allows for easy application to the hands, neck and face. In other words, all the areas that require the most generous application of sunscreen during this extreme heatwave!

Calypso Sun Protection, already known for their 50-strong high-quality product list, is now the last word in practicality. Thanks to the Calypso-GO! you’ll never be caught out by the weather again.