Verge Loves: Borderlands 3

On March 28th, Gearbox Software & 2K Games revealed the long-awaited addition to the gun-wielding, loot hunting and action-packed franchise, Borderlands 3! Borderlands fans should expect to jump back into the experience they previously enjoyed but this time with new challenging enemies/monsters to go up against.

There are new and improved graphics and new worlds/cities to explore, but most importantly what drives the love and the fun into the game is trying to find over one billion new guns to obtain for battle; with the return of uncommon and common guns, rare guns, epic guns, legendaries, and many more.

Brace yourself with the arrival of the new ‘Vault Hunters’ that have arrived in the land of Pandora, plus there are a couple of returning faces and fan favourites such as Tiny Tina, Lilith, Mordecai, Brick, Maya, Zer0, Vaughn, Rhys, Moxxi, Ellie, Marcus, Tannis, Sir Hammerlock, Aurelia and last but not least Claptrap.

Borderlands 2 sold 12 million copies and ended up winning multiple awards for being one of the best-selling games of 2012 so we are hotly anticipating this one!


Four new playable characters to choose from to stop the new evil that lurks in the land of Pandora, all four have different abilities and backgrounds which will reveal at the launch of the game, but let us talk about the new ‘Vault Hunters”:

Moze The Bot Jock – Moze is the Gunner/Soldier class of the game, her action skill called ‘Iron Bear Mech’ which allows her to have a big armored robot similar to ‘DeathTrap’ & ‘Gaige’ from the last game but promises to be even more useful and effective with damage against enemies. Moze’s skill tree will offer a co-op stage for online that is if you’re playing the game with friends, which will allow a new feature for a co-op buddy to climb into the robot and assist you while you are controlling the robot in 3rd person mode.



Zane The Operative – Zane is the assassin class of the game, separating himself from the old assassins like ‘Zer0’ & ‘Mordecai’ he is wealthy and has a lot of gadgets to use during battle especially with his action skill which not only allows a decoy, but allows an attack drone to assist you while searching or looting chests.




FL4K The Beastmaster – Fl4K is the Hunter class of the game, FL4K is able to choose from 3 different pets to use in battle that each has their own unique abilities to use. They are a Skag, a Spiderant and an unknown creature who appears to be holding a gun. Not knowing if FL4K is human or not, he was described to look like a Loaderbot from ‘Telltale’s Tale From The Borderlands” with grenades strapped to his chest maybe giving fans the impression that he may be an explosive character as well.




Amara The Siren – Amara is a Siren class in the game, she has multiple siren powers according to the announcement trailer. One of the main ones is her six arm transformation which looks like it’ll be melee focused also a second one is a faze-lock ability which was originally from “Maya” in ‘Borderlands 2’. unlike Lilith and Maya, Amara powers seem to be only used for big damage to enemies and monsters instead of one enemy.



Borderland’s original idea was focused on the number of weapons to be found across Pandora. In both games, it wasn’t uncommon to find and equip new firearms every couple of minutes. Players were constantly switching up their arsenal to increase attack power and shield armour to use to fight for different enemy types. Borderlands 3 is looking to expand the game with all-new greater weapon types and intriguing new customisation.

One of the greatest and most-entertaining villains to go up against in gaming history, Handsome Jack. Not only did he prove to be a truly heartless and evil villain in Borderlands 2 but he also made you want to know more about him like why did he take over Hyperion and why does he want a dictatorship in Pandora? Also, why does he want the Vault Hunters dead? Even the downloadable content introduced more and more lovingly crafted baddies that fans found funny and awesome! Borderlands 3 plans to take things up a notch, introducing the two main villains called “The Calypsos”.


The villain duo whose real names are Troy and Tyreen, have both made a name for themselves in Pandora, being the head leaders of a cult called ‘Children Of The Vault’. The Calypsos are recognised as separate individuals but work together as a team to fulfill their intentions with Pandora for their evil plan to become a success which is still nobody knows yet. They both have the same glowing signings on their arms of a siren but what shocks fans is that Troy may be the last male siren in the Borderlands universe! Troy is tall and slim, with spikey black hair, his right arm is robotic and he wears two red glowing tubes of an orange substance as a necklace. Tyreen is shorter, with the sides of her head shaved and also with white hair and several scars across her nose.


Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13th, 2019. From what fans have seen and gamers worldwide, this is game with massive expectations and we are excited to see the Borderlands 3 at launch. Borderlands 3 is highly recommended for this year of gaming. The game is available for pre-order now on all available gaming platforms. For more information about the next installment of the franchise, check out the official website down below.

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