Verge Loves: Beyond Good And Evil 2

On June 17th 2017, Ubisoft announced the sequel to the original ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ and at E3 2018 another trailer was shown for the classic game. The world and environment look detailed, with a futuristic theme with age-old temples combined with huge-rises, and space roads patrolled by police spaceships. Beyond the cites, you’ll see the countryside, huge mountains and you’ll even be able to fly into space without any loading screens. The game sets the tone pretty well with a thrilling adventure with lots of comedy and action, set inside a large spaceship that acts as your home base.

The reveal at E3 2018 gave us clues about a collaboration with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s hit record company to produce content that will make it into the final game which will detail the game’s setup and bring back the long-awaited characters, like Jade and Pace on your ship. Each member of your crew has their own purpose and talents and the game will have all kinds of ships for players to use and explore, plus an optional online feature to play with friends or by yourself. Space fights from one ship to another can be perfect for huge space battles and to find new cargo ships; if you start out with a smaller ship and move up to a larger one, you can store the smaller ship inside it and expand your crew.

Larger ships that aren’t yours will be explorable and when you start out with nothing you’ll be able to find useful items on these ships but you can also uncover darker things like slavery, human trafficking and lots more. If you do see these things you can take them back to the city to trigger discussions and progress story or continue looting. It seems that “photojournalism” will once again be a massive feature in the series as players will be able to move to smaller streets to outer space and the game will be able to re-create astronomical physics with atmosphere changes and rotating planets.

“Beyond Good And Evil 2”, is still in the making but is set to be released sometime in 2020 which will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation4, and PC.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 – Official Gameplay Tutorial Update Trailer:

Beyond and Good and Evil 2 – Official E3 2018 Cinematic Trailer:

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