Verge Loves: Bazzi

Bazzi is our new pop fave. If you haven’t heard of him yet where have you been and why are you depriving yourself? With over 100k subscribers on YouTube and 125k on Instagram, its about time that the world knew about what he’s got to say! Originally rising from the land of Vine, the US songbird Bazzi started making name for himself through singing and making the most amazing cover videos on his YouTube channel. At just 20 years old, Bazzi is on his way to capturing the hearts of many, ours most definitely included!

He’s released a few singles now and one of them is our favourite “Mine”,  which has taken Spotify and Apple Music by storm. It’s classy, poppy and cheerful- and is just in time for Valentines day… check it out and thank us later!

P.S. can you please make a video for this sometime soon, we can’t wait any longer!

Feature image from Bazzi’s Instagram