Verge Loves: 10 Apps You Need in 2015


Rdio is a music streaming app that offers a catalogue of over 30 million songs across 60 countries worldwide. Rdio wants to make every song you search for available to you, on all of your devices, both online and offline. Rdio also offers radio channels, trust us, this is the one music app you need on your phone.






Though Whatsapp has been around for a long time, it is still proving extremely popular. The web messaging service is extremely convenient for chatting across different countries and continents – keeping your phone bill down by using your phones internet or wifi.





Zedge Ringtones

Zedge ringtones offers a wide range of different tones and notifications to use on your phone. Personalize your iPhone or Android with wallpapers and fun notification tones – and finally get rid of the default ringtone that everyone is tired of hearing. Stand out from the crowd with Zedge.





Wooju is the ultimate app for any advice you may need. Simply take a picture with a simple question and wait to receive your answer, the only restriction of the app is the requirement to ask a yes or no question. Your questions could be humorous, serious, lively, sexy, intended for banter, deadpan or framed in any other way you wish. If you’d rather not ask friends, there’s also the option to ask a selection of complete Wooju strangers – thus avoiding any friendly bias or sabotage.




Nike+ Training Club

This app is the one to help you get fit. It contains over 100 workouts tailored by Nike masters to help you get into shape, including tips from the trainers themselves. Customize your workout to get the results you want. A brilliant and easy way to start building that summer bod just by using your phone.





Tinder is still proving extremely popular for every singleton looking to meet that special someone. The easy to use app is like a live game of hot or not, with the user simply swiping till they find a face that suits. When you have a match, you’re able to chat. Perfect!





Viber allows you to make calls over WIFI, perfect for when you’re low on 3G signal or wanting to make a cheap long distance call. Viber also allows you to send pictures and messages through wifi signal.


Trivia Crack

Gamers, this one’s for you. Trivia Crack is seriously addictive. Not un-like trivial pursuit, the user plays other randomly selected players or friends in the aim to collect all awards: Entertainment, Science, Art, Geography, Sports and History and thus win the round. Perfect for distracting you from your frustrating commute. Check it out, but a word of caution, you will be hooked.

trivia crack



Videoshop allows you to edit videos on your device using fast and easy editing tools. You can speed up videos, or have them in slow motion, or even totally reverse them. The app also allows you to use a wide range of filters and effects to really make your videos your own.

videoshop app



Yik Yak

Yik Yak acts like a local bulletin board. It allows you to read and share information anonymously without having to know any other people posting. This app is useful and insightful for sharing information, however, play nicely kids; anonymous posts also attract keyboard warriors.


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