Verge Interviews: Victor Turpin

Victor Turpin (Photo by German Velasquez Salinas)

The lovely people at VIP PR London gave me the opportunity to interview the actor Victor Turpin. Victor is currently a star guest in the hit TV series Shades of Blue, playing the role of Enrique. He has also appeared several times in other popular TV shows, such as Will & Grace, Happily Divorced and many other projects.

It was a delight to ask Victor these questions, as he is an upcoming actor who is breaking into the heart of Hollywood. He’s shared with me his journey, his successes and what it is like to act alongside the multi-talented Jenifer Lopez.

Victor Turpin (Photo by Reeves Watson)

Verge:  So first of, I’d like to start from the beginning of sorts and ask about how you initially got into acting? What was it that inspired you to become an actor? 

Victor: My family has always been a very artistic family, my sister was a singer and my dad was a baseball player who turned into a Sports TV Host in Colombia, so I think the artistry runs in my veins. 

Verge: How did you set about achieving your dream? 

Victor: First Moving to LA, leaving my hometown Medellin, my family, my friends, quitting my job in Advertising and starting from scratch in a new country, where I only knew 1 person when I moved. Then started taking more acting classes and workshops and of course to work on my English and my accent.

Verge: What was the first acting role that you were proud of? 

Victor: I feel proud of every role I’ve done, doesn’t matter how small it looks in the eyes of other people. But the one I remember the most, was my first American credit in English, a guest role on the popular SOAP “Days of Our Lives”. 

Verge: How often do you look back at your career and consider where you started? 

Victor: Every day, and I also look how far I am from where I want to be, but how proud and lucky I am of what I’ve been able to accomplish.

Vegre: What has been your greatest achievement in your career so far? 

Victor: Every role has been a great achievement for me. But the honour of working alongside Jennifer Lopez, who is such a Latin icon in the entertainment industry, was very special.

Verge: Now to discuss a very recent project, how did you land a role on the TV series Shades of Blue? 

Victor: My manager got me the audition around July of last year, I self-taped it, sent to casting/producers, got the callback and then I got the role to go to shoot it in New York.

Verge: What was your first initial reaction when you found out that you gained this role? 

Victor: Excitement!, I was so happy! The first thing I did was to call my sister in Colombia, she couldn’t believe it “JENNIFER LOPEZ….NO!!!”, she screamed over the phone. My whole family are huge fans of Jennifer Lopez, as am I, so it was wonderful news.

Shades of Blue (Photo by NBC Universal)

Verge: What is it like for you, being on the show (Shades of Blue)? 

Victor: It is a great personal achievement. It is a major primetime American TV show, which is watched all over the world, and in which I get to work and play with amazingly talented people.

Vegre: What is it like working with stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta? 

Victor: A great experience, and a total pleasure. Her professionalism and kindness show you that those two things are important to keep throughout your whole career if you want to succeed and stay on top. And Ray is such a legend who hasn’t lost his humble self and still makes jokes on set making everybody break to laughter in the middle of the scenes.

Verge: For you personally, what has been the best part about working on Shades of Blue? 

Victor: That I got to meet and work with wonderful people, 4 different great directors and a very talented and hard working crew.

Verge: I know you’ve also worked on quite a few other projects, so what one of those has been your favourite? 

Victor: They are all my “favourite”, but recently I did a guest role in the revival of one of my favourite sitcoms “Will & Grace” and it was a lot of fun!. Working alongside with hyper-talented and hilarious people such as Sean Hayes, Megan Mullaly, Debra Messing and Eric McCormack, was a total pleasure and a great experience, plus my abs start hurting by the end of the shoot from all the laughter.

Verge: Now for a closing/last question of sorts, if you could offer some advice or encouragement to anyone who is trying to break into acting, what would you say?

Victor: Keep at it, work on your craft, take classes, listen and learn and never quit believing. 

Thanks again to both VIP PR London and Victor Turpin himself. It is a great deal to talk to an actor who is clearly so passionate about his work. I hope to see more of you as time goes on.

If you want to see Victor in action, check out this trailer for an episode of Shades of Blue –

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