Verge chats with Made in Chelsea’s Andy Jordan

Made In Chelsea series 9 starts tonight, and we’ve been catching up with our personal fave ; Andy Jordan. Besides filming, he’s managed to travel the UK on tour with his music career and just released a new S/S collection with his surfy clothing line, JAM.

He chats with Rhiannon Picton-James about ideal date locations, what festivals he’s looking forward to, and which MIC cast member he’d secretly love to style.



RPJ : So, let’s start from the beginning. What made you want to create JAM?

AJ : I’ve always wanted to build a fashion brand combining my passion for surfing with my passion for clothes. I really felt there was a gap in the market to create a more sophisticated surf lifestyle brand. Surfing culture is often lost in the hustle bustle of big cities, but there are always small pockets of it, and with this we can definitely make people happier.



RPJ: What’s your favourite piece of the JAM line ?

AJ: I live in my ‘in surfing I find solace’ t-shirt. Its a quote of mine, and it really represents everything JAM; Surfing is practically medicinal to me, when I go to the coast I really do get the craved ‘me time’ we all desperately want more of. That and I think it looks cool haha. Monochrome all the way.


RPJ : JAM is a surf brand for ‘surfers in the city’ – are you always itching to escape to a coastline ?

AJ : I’m always desperate to get to the beach. My two favourite spots in the UK are Croyde and St. Ives. Croyde is incredibly easy to get to from London and provides a world class wave, its really home from home for me. St. Ives is the perfect weekend getaway, the kind of place you take a date – it has crystal clear water, great restaurants and cosy bars.




RPJ: You just released the S/S 15 collection, which is perfect for cool evenings at festivals as well as the beach. Which festivals will you be attending this Summer?

AJ: I’m going to quite a few, I tend to stick to the coastal ones like ‘Oceanfest’ and Boardmasters. This summer I’m also attending some more boutique festivals, the first is ‘Lionstock’, an entirely not for profit festival on a farm in North Wales, which never fails to perform… and its only a fiver on the gate!



RPJ: What do you enjoy about festival fashion?

AJ : I think festivals give people a real opportunity to experiment and push the boundaries with what they’re wearing; the moment you step through the gates you can lose yourself for a few days knowing that nobody is going to judge you.



RPJ: What’s your favourite streetwear label? Has it influenced what you wanted to create with your line?

AJ: I am a big fan of NICCE London. I got to know the boys behind it on a trip to The Alps and we have stayed friends ever since. They are smart guys and building a very sustainable brand. We have certainly learnt a lot from them.



RPJ: A few other MIC cast members have released clothing lines – like Proudlock’s Serge DeNimes, and (ex girlfriend) Louise Thomson’s jeans, Pocket London. Have they been supportive, or is there an element of competition ?

AJ: We are actually all very supportive of each other. Serge DeNimes is a few years ahead of us and doing very well. It’s really Oliver’s baby. Him and I exchange regular calls to talk work because we all face the same problems as small fashion brands. Serge is very different to JAM which keeps the competitive side out of it.



RPJ: Who is the ultimate person you’d want to see JAM on? Any famous surfers or skaters you love?

AJ: Kelly Slater! The greatest surfer of all time. I would also love to see musicians wearing it on stage, like Paolo Nutini.



RPJ: Ofcourse, fashion is always 6 months ahead. Do you have an A/W collection lined up for us? What can we expect in the future from JAM?

AJ: We do have an AW collection as well as monthly product drops. As we grow we are constantly expanding our product ranges, and following the success of our knitted beanies last winter we are hoping to introduce knitwear and luggage this Autumn.



RPJ: Besides the clothing empire, MIC, and the music career – are there any other business ventures on the horizon ?

AJ: Nothing right now! I like to have my fingers in pies, but for the time being I am focussing on JAM and Music. Both are passion projects for me, and I want to give them everything I’ve got.




The Fireround

RPJ: One item in your wardrobe you’re embarrassed to own?

AJ: Budgysmugglers.



RPJ: If you had to describe yourself in 3 emoji’s, what would they be?

AJ: The winky face with the tongue out, the sweating face, and the running man


RPJ: The app you couldn’t live without?

AJ: Magicseaweed (surf reports)


RPJ: Your style icon?

AJ: Johnny Depp


RPJ: Which MIC co star would you like to dress the most ?

AJ: Rosie… she’s flawless haha.

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