Verge Chats with LIMF’s 2015 ‘Most Ready’ Michael Seary

Liverpool International Music Festival’s ‘most ready’ artist of 2015 has been hitting it big since his experience, and has recently debuted his latest track, “You Are Mine,” on BBC Radio 1Xtra playlist and we couldn’t be more pleased.  See our previous coverage here on his latest single.

Featuring Spokazi (KOF), the track features an upbeat rhythm and smooth vocals that can only get us more excited for festival season, and more so, what we can expect from Michael Seary in the future.

Since attending LIMF Academy in 2015, 24-year-old Michael Seary has had a string of success and we can see why. With talent and an ambition to set himself apart, it is no wonder he took home LIMF’s ‘most ready’ title. Verge was able to catch up with the Liverpool producer, musician and DJ to take a look at how LIMF has helped his career and how he continues to set himself apart in the music scene.

Verge: Electronic dance music is pretty popular and has also been developing and shaping itself over the past couple of years. How did you get into electronic music?

 Michael Seary: When I wasn’t really interested in electronic music I always preferred Rock or Hip Hop, I knew what it was but it didn’t really appeal to me at that time. Eventually I started to listen to The Prodigy who were a little ‘rocky’ at the time so their music clicked with it – it was heavy, loud beats and shouty vocals ha!
Verge: You have already done a collaboration with Luke Cusato and it has been quite a hit. What else do you hope to accomplish this year? 
Seary: I want to work with as many people as possible – at the moment XamVolo is on my radar and we will make something beautiful and amazing together. As well as that I want to release more music. I have an EP which is ready to go with tracks with KOF and Terri Walker. In fact my track ‘You Are Mine’ with KOF is out now. I have a few gigs lined up in Liverpool and London so I would like to push the live aspect more and get more shows on the road. I would also love to gain more national recognition. I wrote down a few goals of my own at the beginning of the year, which I will keep private, but one I’m happy to share is to make it on to a BBC Radio 1 playlist.
Verge: There are a lot of EDM artists out there. How are you differentiating yourself from the rest and what is your ‘end goal’ when creating a piece?
Seary: My only aim is to create the music I want regardless of what I make at that time. I know somebody will enjoy the music I make. Sometimes it may follow a certain trend at the time but I like to think that I put my own twist on it so it isn’t generic sounding.
Verge: You were one of LIMF Academy’s ‘Most Ready’ artists in 2015. What was your reaction?
Seary: I was shocked at first because you always feel as though there are people who are more deserving of things like this than you are, but after the initial shock wore off I was excited to show people what I was capable of and why I was chosen. 
Verge: Following that, how has LIMF helped you in terms of your career and shaping you on what you do today?
Seary: It has brought me along a great deal over the last year as now I have received multiple national and regional radio plays on BBC 1xtra, BBC Merseyside, Juice FM and KCC Live.  As well as this, I have earned a BBC Introducing Playlist slot on 1xtra which I feel that the work that LIMF have put in behind the scenes for me has helped me to achieve this. 
Verge: When you went to LIMF, what did you take away from the Academy and what could applicants expect?
Seary: I took away confidence. As cliché as it sounds it really has helped me to believe in myself more, I know what I’m capable of and the whole team behind the Academy has helped me to realise that others believe in my talents. New applicants can expect a lot of opportunities that may have never been available to you before, as well as an in-depth look on how the industry actually works. I had a very basic knowledge on how everything was run behind the scenes and how a label or manager would think when planning a release. By taking part in LIMF, I have now had the chance to meet real professionals within the industry from the likes of Steve Levine, Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music, Dave Monks from BBC Merseyside and Bhavesh Patel from the PRS Foundation.
Verge: As a producer, how do you challenge yourself to create music and express your passion?
Seary: I just try to be true to myself, I don’t force anything, I always make it natural. I will be honest and say not everyday is spent making a new track or writing chords some days, I just don’t have the energy or I’m not in the right mood to work on a track. But when I am not making music I am studying it and honing my craft whether it be sound design, theory or practicing mixing techniques, which in some cases can be more beneficial than sitting in front of a keyboard and just making something because I can not, because I want to.

The LIMF Academy is one of the leading music development programmes in the North-West offering performance opportunities, training, workshops and investment to Merseyside’s emerging music talent. The scheme offers the opportunity for budding artists and bands between the ages of 13-25 to perform on the LIMF Academy stage at Europe’s biggest free music event, LIMF Summer Jam, as well as free access to professional career advice, training and development.

A 12 month Elite Talent Development Programme will be awarded to three of the artists or bands which includes career investment, mentoring, regional and national performance opportunities and numerous other benefits including professionally produced biography, press shots and music. Apply now:

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