Verge Attends: MCM London May 2019

After a week of recovery, I think I am finally ready to write my piece about the wonderful MCM London in May 2019.

With an impressive line-up of guests including Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier), David Harbour (Stranger Things, Hellboy), Misha Collins (Supernatural), Stephen Amell (Arrow) and many more. I feel mean just picking those four as the other names are just as big. I could be here for a while if I wrote the entire list.

One small part of MCM

The crazy thing about MCM is that the guests are one part of the wider experience. There is a whole lot more on offer. I apologise now because I am not sure I can even mention it all. I will mainly be discussing my experience.

To start, I want to mention the exclusive Funko’s. These are Funko Pop figures that come with an exclusive MCM sticker. This is a nice touch for fans like me who enjoy collecting them. I always get excited over these and a lot of other people do as well. It took me over an hour just to get into the booth on Friday. Totally worth it!

Another unique thing to this event, in particular, was the attendance of Spider-Man’s dad. I do mean that literally because Dominic Holland father of the current MCU Spider-Man Tom Holland attended the event. He was there signing copies of his book ‘Eclipsed: Turns out, Spider-Man does have a dad after all’.

Dominic Holland and myself

I managed to grab a copy and chat with him briefly. He was very nervous because and I quote ‘I was not sure anyone would actually want me, I am just Spider-Man’s dad’. I can tell you that he had a pretty big queue and plenty of people were excited to meet him. He is so much more than just that and please check out his blog if you get the chance.(

There was a celebration for the 25th anniversary of Kevin Smith’s film Clerks. With the lovely Jason Mewes, Brian O’Halloran, Marilyn Ghigliotti and Scott Schiaffo whom all starred in the movie. I met with both Brian and Jason and they both were enjoying their time at MCM.

Jason was actually not sat at his table but out by the front of it. I thought this was a nice touch and made the experience of meeting him more personal. It was very exciting for me as I wrote my university dissertation on American Independent Cinema and the films of Kevin Smith.


Jason Mewes and myself taking the best of selfies.

I met a whole bunch of people at this event. I met with anime voice actors such as Elizabeth Maxwell and Aaron Dismuke. Both took the time to talk to me about voice acting and answer any questions I had while I was getting there autograph. These are the best kind of experiences.

I did meet David Harbour for both an autograph and a photo. The photo was quick but I always expect this. The auto, however, was a lot more chilled and we got to chat more. He said season 3 of Stranger Things is going to have some amazing moments. It will also have moments that people might hate. Bring on the 4th of July!

Myself and Sebastian Stan sharing a brief romantic moment.

I had to meet Sebastian Stan. The experience of meeting him was super quick both for the photo and the autograph. I was not overly bothered by this experience. He was busy the entire time he was there, I am just thankful that I got to meet him. Others might disagree with this, and I completely understand that. He brought in a crazy amount of people. I think this highlighted the difficulty in handling that kind of guest. Hopefully, we can find ways to improve this in the future.

There was also plenty of experiences, games and so much more on at the event. If you want to check out something exciting, I got some exclusive interviews with the people behind The Doctor Who VR Experience and the futuristic racing game Pacer. These will be posted on Verge Magazine and offer a more in-depth look at what I got to experience. I only mentioned a small portion of what the entire event has to offer.

Do you think I can be in the next Spider-Man now?

I attended all three days of MCM. Friday was a lot more chilled than the other two days.  I do recommend either a Friday or Sunday if you want to have a chance to look around and try things out. It can seem chaotic at times but it depends on what you want the event to be.

MCM can be whatever you want it to be. There is so much potential here and I personally think that is one of its best qualities.

My long weekend ended with Sebastian Stan’s Panel. I felt it was the perfect ending. There were a lot of great quotes but the one that sticks with me was about mental health/motivation. Sebastian reminded us that we are all human, including himself and that even he struggles. He said ‘I’m just going to be how I feel today and that’s okay’. That is something everyone needs to be reminded once in a while. I for one am a big supporter of this and I feel so lucky to have heard that.

MCM celebrates a love of ‘geek’ culture.  It is a place where you can belong.

If you want to keep an eye out any others events you can do so here –