Verge Attends: MCM London in October 2018

The spooky season is finally upon us which means two things for me. 1. I lock myself in my room because everything is scary and 2. I only come out of my room when it is the weekend of MCM. In all seriousness, it is a great time and opportunity to be able to bring Verge Magazine back to this exciting event.

MCM did not disappoint us with the line-up for this event either. I was lucky to be able to have the opportunity to meet another huge Marvel star known as Paul Bettany (Vision – Avengers). That was only a very small part of the line-up. As they really brought fandoms together at this event by having the wonderful stars of Critical Role attending. I can honestly say they drew in huge crowds and I have never seen a panel so busy. If you have not heard of Critical Role then let me tell you what it actually is, Critical Role is an American web series in which a group of professional voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons. I have only experienced a small part of it myself but it is highly entertaining so go check it out.

They also have stars from the series Shadowhunters which drew in another big fan base. As attending this event, in particular, was Katherine McNamara, Emeraude Toubia, Alberto Rosende, Jade Hassouné and Chai Hansen. I have not watched the show myself but I saw the cast around the event and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Frank Miller attended which is a huge name in the comic book world with many other big comic book names appearing as well. The rest of the guest list included fandoms such as Doctor Who, Uncharted, Star Wars, Starsky & Hutch and many more. I will always praise MCM as they truly do appreciate all forms of pop culture by giving fans such a wide range of guests to meet. Just so you know, usually all of these meets can either be in the form of a photo-op or an autograph.

My exclusive Funko Pops!

I mentioned in the last article when I attended this event in May that they brought exclusive Funko figures with them. They were back again this year with some great exclusives to pick up such as a Baby Niffler 2-pack, Metallic Black Manta, Shota Aizawa Hero Costume, Red Dilophosaurus, Doctor Strange as Ghost Rider, and the Rick and Morty Blips n Chitz Collector Box.

The addition of adding exclusive Funko’s with the MCM sticker is a personal favourite of mine. Having something that I love anyway and that can also remind me of attending the event is wonderful. There were also a lot of other exclusive items that you could only grab at this event.

There were lots of exciting attractions at this event. I wish I could list them all but I’d be here for hours. So here is just a few, they had new and exciting Nintendo Switch games to play such as Mario Party, Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Mario Bros and Pokemon. Kingdom Hearts 3 also had a demo area. One thing that interested me, in particular, was an early screening of the movie Overlord which is a WW2/Horror/Zombie mash-up. From experience I have never known MCM to do that before but what a great idea. I am trying to compact as much as I can but honestly, MCM events offer so much, they don’t make it easy for me.

My Experience attending MCM 

The rest of this article will focus on my personal experiences. Allowing you to see what kind of things happen at MCM. My first move was to head straight to the Funko stall and get my hands of these exclusives. One thing that I can’t deny about MCM is that I spend a lot of money. While this is majorly positive but a little terrible for me (I’m poor again now) it’s a true testament to the power of the convention. The fact that there are so many enticing stalls and exclusive items to purchase, it truly is a blessing for fans of pop culture.

I think I would fit in pretty well!

I sadly didn’t get the opportunity to play Kingdom Hearts 3, I would have for sure if I had more time. I did, however, participate in this excellent photo-op. One of the many at this event but how could I just walk pass the opportunity to wield a Keyblade.


My first meet of the event was getting an autograph from Zach Callison who voices the character of Steven in the show Steven Universe. I was super excited for this as it was a show I had fallen in love with. He was honestly amazing. Super friendly and welcoming. He made the effort to chat with me and I told him I loved his album and he really appreciated that (you should check it out too). I asked about his singing and voice acting in the show. He told me all about that, the training and how he didn’t realise how big it would come but he’s glad to be a part of Rebecca Sugar (the creators) vision. He let me know there’s more songs, more of the show and the movie on the way soon. We also agreed to do a diamond salute for our photo-op pose. Having a guest like Zach who lives up to your own expectations can make the weekend and it certainly did that for me.

My autograph from Zach Callison!

Myself, Paul Bettany and my friend Tyler.

I then went on to meet Paul Bettany as well for an auto first. Even though he was super busy, he still made an effort. I asked him how it felt to be a part of the two biggest franchises (Star Wars and Marvel) and he responded by saying how super grateful he is for it. Sometimes it can be worrying that a guest such as Paul who is a big star might be rushed but he made sure that was not the case. This made me feel a lot happier about my decision to sacrifice the queuing time to meet him. The photo op with him later in the day was a little more rushed but I am just happy to have met another star from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Myself and Zach Callison!


When I went back for my photo-op with Zach Callison he remembered me and we did the pose. This was just what I wanted and made the moment even more special. Now, this, of course, is something that might seem odd or hard to understand as it is a personal moment but I am giving you an idea of what it could be like for you. If you see there is someone you love attending one of these events you might be lucky enough to have a similar experience. 




I just want to share a final reason why I loved attending the event, one that I always praise when talking about MCM.

The talent of the people who cosplay. With MCM celebrating all pop culture, there is a wide range of cosplays at this event. I am blown away by it every time. In particular, I’ve got two lovely friends of mine here in this picture cosplaying as characters from The Witcher series of games/books. This was Jonny and Chloe’s first time cosplaying and here we see them come to life as Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer. Well done, you both look amazing!

Jonny as Geralt of Rivia

Chloe as Yennefer





I hope this article has served the purpose of making you want to join the fun at MCM. I believe
my experience gives some justice to what it is like attending but you definitely need to see it for yourself.

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