VanJess Take Over

These girls are about as awesome as it gets! Two Nigerian-American sisters giving us the most satisfying R&B/Soul that we could ask for. After their first EP reaching the top ten on iTunes back in 2015, the girls became social medias faves as they trended world wide. We can’t wait for their next project but to ease our craving for now, they released the music video for ‘‘Through Enough” with GoldLink and it is as trendy, raw and soulful as you’d imagine it would be; they even manged to secure a sync on Issa Rae‘s ”Insecure” . These girls are just amazing and, to make life even sweeter, they are performing next week in London which we will be at in our finest.

Check out the video below, we recommend listening to this full blast on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Or if you’re not that lucky, anywhere else will do just fine- we’re pretty sure they can bring magic and sun to any scenario.

Header Image from VanJess’ Instagram