Using Comb to find tropical summer clothes

The arrival of warmer temperatures and the end of winter means it’s finally time to banish the dark, neutral sweaters and wool socks and time to opt for some colorful prints to reflect the new, sunny weather.

Finding clothes based on colors and print ideas can be hard when shopping online, if you have a print with more than one color involved (which almost all do). Shopping sites make it hard to find clothing based on multiple colors. This is where Comb, our new favorite fashion app, comes in.

Using Comb, you can easily search patterns, prints, solid colors, and other clothing options to your heart’s content. Download Comb for free, install on your phone, and let the searching begin. Just take a photo of what you want to Comb, select from men’s or women’s apparel, and let Comb find you clothing in a variety of price ranges based on your photo choice. Below, we combed different tropical prints to find some summer pieces to help lighten up your wardrobe.

We combed this blue-based tropical print, and found not only a great, modern update on the Hawaiian shirt for men, but this tropical print bikini from Topshop that is perfect to wear for a quick dip in the pool as well as to take on holiday with you.

Combing this lighter, more floral based tropical pattern, we found two breezy dresses perfect for summer. The first one is perfect for dressing up, and the delicate pattern and sleeves make it perfect for cooler evenings.

With the darker color tropical print, we found these breezy shorts, perfect for day wear and also easy to dress up at night. The floating romper we found as well focuses more on floral, and the breezy playsuit makes it perfect for warm summer days to maintain your cool without sticking to you too much.

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