Using Colours to Inspire Positivity in Lockdown w/ Lick Home

Search data reveals each month that over 20,000 of us are looking for more information on “wellness” or “well-being”. That figure continues to increase year on year, with Google Trends showing a massive 147 percent rise in “well-being” searches in the past five years and a 114 percent rise in “wellness” searches.

So, when we’re trapped at home, how can we get a wellness fix? One way is to create a room filled with positive vibes – using basic tips and tricks for decoration. Eleven percent of individuals have made a commitment to spruce up their home decor in 2021, according to a survey by YouGov. It is easy to understand why there has been an increase in DIY projects and home makeovers after the amount of time we spent at home last year.

With this in mind, the team at Lick Home wanted to compile a list of ways you can use colour to inspire positivity and wellness in Lockdown.

At Lick, they believe in the power of colour psychology, the effect on our mood and emotions that the colours we surround ourselves with can have. Let’s take a look at how to use color to turn our home into a place that will encourage health and positivity to bring us through and make us a little happier on a day-to-day basis while we are in the middle of our third lockdown.

Add harmony to your home with greens and blues

Missing your outdoor time? To get some of that natural feel-good factor into your homes, bring in those blues and greens.

 GREEN 03: Known as the color of harmony and balance, green brings the sense of calm to every room in your house. It’s also the color of nature, and right now, as we spend more time indoors, adding a few green splashes (or licks) to your home helps by bringing in a little of the outdoors.


The colour experts at Lick suggest adding green to your kitchen. It may subconsciously encourage you to eat healthier. For your home office/whatever space you want to park yourself in with your laptop for the day, you might also try green. Green is a soothing color for your eyes, so it’s a nice option when you just need a little break from all the screentime.

Another color where its presence can make you feel closer to nature is BLUE 07. Much like a crisp blue sky can add good vibes to your day instantly, it can have the same impact to bring in some of those cool and relaxing blues to your home.

The lighter you go with the blue, the more calming your room will be. Darker blues are more relaxing, so for a little mental boost, choose to paint those in home office regions. In an office, pair the dark blue walls with vibrant accents like Yellow 02 or Orange 02.

Paint with brighter colors for an instant injection of good vibes

Although it can sound a little frightening at first to paint your home with peppy colors, it really helps to brighten up your mood along with your physical room. Here are some of the lighter colors of Lick paint that their experts suggest for some indoor joy:

Pink 03: this cheeky pink is nurturing and brings some seriously good energy along with it

Orange 02: Orange is a calming color that looks and feels vibrant. Adding orange to a space brings fresh life and a sense of happiness. For your home office room, it’s another great pick, helping to keep you energized as you jump from one Zoom meeting to the next.

Yellow 02: Lick suggests using the sunny Yellow 02 to add little bursts of pep around your house, an uplifting and mood-boosting color. You might paint your favorite chair yellow, for example, or even the legs of your kitchen table.


 “It’s important to remember that you never see colour in isolation, e.g. it’s never just a grey wall. It’s a grey wall with a plant and some cushions. Its surroundings are how it influences the way we feel. It’s the combination of colours that inspire positivity and wellness in a home, rather than just the one color.” Tash Bradley, Lick Colour Expert

Work with different shades of paint to find variations that can work together in a positive way to influence your mood. Add your plants in green, for example, and place them against a painted wall in the gentle and nurturing Pink 01. You get the beneficial benefits of all those colors this way, creating a more motivating room that you’re okay with being stuck in temporarily.

Explore the full collection of paint colors and transform your home into your new happy place:

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