Use crockery to bring your favourite restaurant into your home.

During lockdown we’ve all been missing our favourite restaurants; from small eateries decorated with warm, welcoming lights, candles and floral arrangements to exciting new pop-ups boasting colourful décor, it’s not only the food we enjoy – we long for their atmosphere, ambiance and luxury. However, whilst we continue to stay at home we can easily recreate the feeling of our favourite restaurant. How? Crockery. Yes, the plates and bowls you decorate your table with really do have the power to transport you to your ideal dining hotspot.

Of course, using crockery to reimagine your favourite restaurant (or restaurants – who said you need to limit yourself?) can be difficult. Fortunately, experts are on hand to make the process incredibly simple. The team behind Peyton & Tyler, a premium homewares outlet, are certainly familiar with the luxurious, high-end crockery that’s capturing our imaginations; pairing this with their interior’s expertise, they really do know it all.

To help you enjoy the luxury of a restaurant meal at home through your chosen crockery, they’re sharing their expertise; from wonderfully designed plates to the brands you can’t afford to miss, their insights will become your dining room bible.


  1. Embrace unique designs that stand out from the crowd.

‘Have you ever been in a restaurant, glanced down at your dish and thought ‘wow’? In most cases, this is because the food looks delectable; however, the plate behind the ingredients often works wonders, helping a dish to pop and intrigue us. For example, if you’ve enjoyed a mouth-watering gastro pub starter, chances are it was served on a modern slate board. Meanwhile, nouveau cuisine restaurants are embracing the black plate trend, something which undoubtedly allows any pasta dish to shine.

As such, if you’re hoping to turn your dining room into an at-home restaurant, perfecting the feeling that we all experience when we know we’re heading out for a great meal, then it’s important that you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we work with creative brands, selling wonderfully unique crockery at Peyton & Tyler; we understand that all of our customers are unique and often, the bolder the plate, the bolder the reaction. For example, our Sancai range is incredibly popular. These white dishes are complete with a bold, coffee-coloured line down their left side, making any food served on the plates shine with some added finesse.’


  1. Get creative with your crockery.

‘On weekends away, we often enjoy adventures through unheard of towns and cities, discovering tiny, amazing eateries. Why do we love them so much? Most of the time, because they’re quirky, fun and comforting. When it comes to using crockery to enhance your dining set-up, you need to be creative! For example, who said you couldn’t serve your homemade chilli oil in a Kilner bottle? Or servings of your famous tapas selection in stackable Kilner jars? At Peyton & Tyler we’re committed to being creative and we know our customers are too; iconic brands like Kilner are so well-liked because of their versatility – that’s not something that goes to waste. Mexican restaurants often decorate their ceilings with fantastically restored beer bottles and glasses, making for breath-taking light fixtures. Meanwhile, cutlery is often stored in spicy sauce pots – it’s the original touches that make us fall in love with restaurants, so don’t forget them.’


  1. Remember, there’s a whole world of crockery out there…

‘When we think about crockery, it’s easy to assume that this solely consists of plates and bowls. That’s not the case. In reality, crockery is vast and includes mugs and cups; tableware ingredients that also help to reimagine a restaurant. For example, by embracing brightly coloured, bold cappuccino cups in teal, tea cups in a wonderfully calming light green, expresso mugs in a sky blue or unforgettably yellow saucers, you can make your dining room feel like a seaside continental café.’


  1. Don’t be afraid of colour!

‘To enjoy a restaurant-like experience you mustn’t be afraid of colour! Pops of brightness can lift any room, giving it a new lease of life. At Peyton & Tyler we work alongside Loveramics, collating a collection of popular, colourful crockery options. If you only stick with what you know, it won’t feel like a special evening for two…’


  1. Shop sustainably, eat guilt-free.

‘Your favourite restaurants are most likely your favourites because they not only create amazing food, but because they share your values, deliver exceptional customer service and generally create an atmosphere that you feel comfortable in. If you’re hoping to bring the restaurant to you, this isn’t something you can forget. When buying crockery, support brands with values you share; if you know you’re buying from a company that’s doing good, shopping sustainably and thoughtfully, then you’ll undoubtedly enjoy your meal that little bit more.

Peyton & Tyler was founded to make the world of retail more sustainable. When our favourite retailers’ stock goes unsold, it’s often shipped back to its country of origin (which is harmful to the environment) or its destroyed. Now, they can choose to sell this stock, affordably, through Peyton & Tyler. If you’re looking to redecorate or revitalise your home in a positive way, this really is it.’

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