Unique Baby Names 2021

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You’ve found out that you’re expecting, and now you’re stuck with the exciting task of choosing a name!

A survey of 6000 people revealed that one in seven mums and dads think they’ve made a mistake in choosing their child’s name. One in five parents also began to dislike their child’s name once it became popular, primarily if used by celebrities.

The most crucial aspect of shortlisting baby names is their meaning. Parents often choose names with a sentimental origin or evoke a character they want in their little ones. Some people prefer a place name for their baby that signifies a significant, often sentimental, location.

Choosing an older family name to continue the family legacy is an easy way to pick a meaningful name. But, choosing a baby name that is straightforward to spell and pronounce is just as important as your investment in the title.

When choosing unique girl names or boy names for that matter, always think of the potential name baby’s perspective as they grow up!

To make the process of picking the perfect name for your little one more straightforward, here are our favourite unique names that are going to stand out from the crowd in 2021.


Unique Baby Girl Names

Andromeda: It means “advising like a man” and has a star constellation that bears its name

Parker: Among the first wave of “surname names” used as Christian names, it is popular with parents as a name for both sexes

Althea: Found within poetry and Greek myth meaning “with healing power”

Calista: An elegant name which means “most beautiful”

Eliana: Meaning “my God has answered” in Hebrew and also related to Helios, a Greek word meaning ‘Sun’

Sarai: A variation of the name Sarah and of Hebrew origin meaning “princess”

Ines: Meaning “pure” and is of Portuguese origin and is best known as the Queen’s name in a heart-breaking romance story from Portugal

Juno: Of Latin origin, meaning “goddess of the heavens”

Kalea: Of Hawaiian origin, it means “joy and happiness”

Maeve: Appearing in pre-Christian mythology as the name of a strong and legendary warrior queen also of Irish heritage, meaning “she who intoxicates”

Riley: Originating as an English and Irish surname and means “courageous”

Monet: Referring to the famous French impressionist artist Claude Monet the name Monet means “To be heard”

Avery: Meaning “ruler of the elves”

Leonie: Of French origin, meaning “lion” and can be pronounced as lee-onie or lay-onie

Primrose: Named after an English flower which blooms early in Spring

Soleil: Of French origin, meaning “Sun”

Laverna: Of French origin means “Born in the spring”

Soraya: Of Persian origin, it means “Jewel” and was brought to the Western World by the Empress of Iran, who settled in France

Frankie: Originating from names with both male and female associations, including Francis, Frances, Frank, Francisco, Francesca, and Franklin

Vivica: Of Scandinavian origin, it exemplifies strength and means “war fortress”.

Zia: With Latin and Arabic origins, meaning “Light and Splendor”


Unique Baby Boy Names

Reggie: The shortened version of Reginald, Reggie means “ruler’s advisor”

Jordan: A Hebrew name that means “flowing down”

Octavius: From the Latin numeral octavus, meaning eight or eighth

Dario: The Latin transliteration of the Greco-Persian name Darius meaning “to possess good”

River: A self-explanatory origin with the natural landscape, River is a beloved gender-neutral name

Titan: From Greek mythology, Titan means ‘defender’

Sirius: Of Latin origin, derived from the Greek term for “burning” and also associated with the beloved character Sirius Black from Harry Potter

Dylan: This beautiful Welsh name means “son of the sea”

Finlay: Of Irish origin with the Gaelic name translating to “fair-haired hero”

Milligan: The English form of the Irish surname Ó Maolagáin, or “descendant of Maolagán”

Ryan: A name of Irish origin, meaning “little king”

Alex: Meaning “defender of men”

Wren: A gentle name derived from the Middle English term for the small brown birds

Moses: Of biblical origin and legacy, it means “son” in Egyptian and “saved from water” in Hebrew

Evan: From the Hebrew name Yochanan, meaning “God is gracious”

Lorenzo: From the Latin term Laurentius which was an ancient Roman city

Mika: A short form of the name Michael originating from Finland but popular across Europe

Ezra: A biblical name meaning “help”

Kenji: A Japanese name meaning “strong and powerful” in Japanese or “intelligent second son”


If you’re expecting a baby this year and want to have a unique and memorable name for your little one, then we hope you think this is a great starting point.

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