Underwear Solutions for Every Occasion

The right underwear can make you feel great about yourself, but choose the wrong pair for the wrong occasion and you could be left feeling just a tad uncomfortable! Whether it’s for date night, a workout or just everyday wear, choosing ladies’ knickers can sometimes feel like a minefield.

It’s important that your underwear is comfortable, fits properly and makes you feel beautiful. After all, underwear may be a necessity but it doesn’t need to be boring. So, if you’re trying to decide on the best pair of knickers depending on the occasion, here’s a handy guide to provide some inspiration.


Underwear for everyday comfort

Whether your everyday agenda includes work, running errands, looking after the kids or lunching with the girls, wearing comfortable underwear can make your day a lot easier. Just remember; you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort! Find a pair that can do both.

Briefs may be your best choice for everyday wear but look for contemporary styles like tanga briefs or Brazilian briefs. These designs offer a little less coverage than the traditional brief, giving them a cheeky style that will still provide ultimate comfort through the day.


Underwear for date night

Date night can mean many things, but it likely includes a form-fitting outfit where visible underwear can be a problem. There’s also the possibility that someone other than you could be seeing your underwear of choice.

With that in mind, choosing underwear for date night can feel like a daunting prospect, as you search for something that looks great underneath your dress, not through it.

It’s important that date night underwear fits you perfectly, to avoid any adjusting or fidgeting. Similarly, it needs to be a style that you are comfortable wearing! Lace is a beautiful choice of fabric for a simple, delicate style, while thongs can be perfect for minimising any VPL. This is also the perfect opportunity for investing in underwear with extra embellishments to show off.


Underwear for working out

When working out, underwear is probably the least of your worries; as it should be! Your time in the gym shouldn’t be interrupted by uncomfortable underwear. Wearing the right underwear for working out can also have an impact on your health.

Cotton underwear is a great breathable choice, and often recommended for wearing in the gym. Cotton is a natural fibre and will allow your skin to breathe. Just remember to take a fresh pair for after you’ve finished working out.


Underwear for holiday

No matter what holiday you’re on, being comfortable is key. It’s also likely that the summer dresses or shorts will be making an appearance, so you’ll want to feel secure too!

Opt for underwear design that offers an all-round good style, like tanga briefs. With holiday underwear, it’s more the fabric that can make a big difference. Soft fabrics like cotton are perfect, while satin or silk can create a delicate, lightweight pair of knickers; just be wary in the heat.


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