UK’s top photo spots and their exact coordinates!

London’s iconic Tower Bridge is revealed as the most photographic backdrop in the capital, with Brighton Marina the top location in the UK to snap a perfect picture in front of. These are the results of new research commissioned by Google to celebrate the launch of Pixel 3a, the ‘froogle’ version of the Pixel 3 device.

As well as revealing the nation’s favourite photogenic backdrops, Google worked with a team of social media experts to pinpoint the exact place to stand at each location allowing photography fans and sightseers to snap the most popular shot. The team first analysed 80,000 UK Instagram posts relating to popular photography hashtags such as #dayout and #landscape. From this, a shortlist of top locations were then put to public vote to discover the nation’s favourites. Finally, using geographic location coordinates and frequency of hashtags, the research team was able to find the exact spot at which the majority of photographs were taken at each of the top locations, and Google has mapped out exactly where to find them.


The map, which pinpoints photographic hot spots across the country, has been created to highlight the industry-leading camera features of Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, which has everything you’d expect from a Pixel phone, such as Night Sight, Portrait Mode – and new to 3a – augmented reality maps, at a low price point (£399). With research revealing the great lengths that Brits take to get the perfect photo, from rising early to make a sunrise (54%) to blocking the path of another person (36%) or even planning an outfit or change of clothes (66%), the map is designed to help nail the perfect photograph in front of each backdrop.

The UK’s Top 10 Most Photographic Places:


Location Exact coordinate of where to stand
Brighton Marina 50.8121758,-0.1032811
Oxford University, Oxford 51.7548164,-1.2543668
Tower Bridge 51.50514919, -0.075584744
London Eye 51.5028403,-0.119368
Brighton Pier 50.81887428, -0.136936717
Trafalgar Square 51.50711486, -0.127318052
Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol 51.4543717,-2.6290033
Cathedral Square, Birmingham 52.4811367,-1.9018196
World Museum, Liverpool 53.4094602,-2.9814806
Piccadilly Circus 51.5098947,-0.1346948

The Top 10 Most Photographic Places in London:


Location Exact coordinate of where to stand
Tower Bridge 51.50514919, -0.075584744
London Eye 51.5028403,-0.119368
Trafalgar Square 51.50711486, -0.127318052
Buckingham Palace 51.502545,-0.1394965
Hyde Park 51.5072682,-0.1657303
Piccadilly Circus 51.5098947,-0.1346948
Oxford Street 51.51501165,-0.143318582
Carnaby Street 51.51339, -0.13908
Apple Market Covent Garden 51.51198765, -0.122694969
Camden Market 51.54126976, -0.1457438


Just missing out on the top spot was Oxford University. And both London and Brighton seem to be home to the most shareable locations with two landmarks in both cities making the top 5 in the UK overall.  Infact, Brits seem to love their home turf so much, that when given the option to spend £500 on travel anywhere in the world – the saving you’d get from buying a top-end smartphone – the Lake District came in a close second, just following Paris.


The research also found that even the most photogenic backdrop isn’t enough to guarantee the winning shot, with the majority of Brits (74%) taking up to 5 snaps at a time to get a photo they’re happy with. It also appears that clicking away is a cause for controversy, with 64% of Brits admitting to feeling annoyed with a friend or loved one who wasn’t able to get a good enough picture of them. Moreover, 28%admit they would return to a location for a second shot at getting the desired snap, and a further 23% are open to doing this.


In response to these findings, and with many people finding themselves becoming a personal photographer to friends and partners, Google Pixel 3a teamed up with prolific portrait photographer, Linda Blacker, to pull together top tips for getting the perfect outdoor shot – whether you are the willing photographer or model:


5 Top Tips from @LindaBlacker


Time of day – The time of day is essential, particularly when shooting at such popular locations. If you’re determined to get the best shot, consider visiting your desired spot at sunrise, ideally on a Sunday. This way you avoid the rush of city workers on a weekday morning, and have much more time to get the picture you want, without risking a few dozen unsuspecting people in your frame.


Harness the power of natural light – Lighting can make or break a shot. There are two key times of the day where lighting is at its most beautiful – sunrise and sunset. There is a certain window, when the sun is low, that photographers refer to as the ‘golden hour’. It is where the sun isn’t overcast with clouds and the lighting is simply beautiful. You’ll avoid those harsh shadows caused by the midday sun and depending on where the sun is in relation to your subject, you can get beautiful flares in your image as well as golden highlights around your subject.


Artificial lighting – However it isn’t all about natural light. When night-time arrives and the city or town lights up, the scene can be spectacular. At times like these, it’s handy to use a tripod to allow for a fixed shot with a slower shutter that can absorb all of that beautiful artificial light in front of you. Alternatively, having features such as Night Sight on Google Pixel 3a at the ready can be very effective in handling low light. It’s simple, easy to use and powered by Artificial Intelligence so if you don’t have access to a tripod or aren’t very camera savvy, it does all the heavy lifting for you, giving you a great shot in just one click.


A great camera – Having a great camera in your hand allows you to capture the best shot with ease. It’s particularly important to have one that you’ve got to grips with, find easy to work with, and can handle different lighting well. A camera like the one on the Pixel 3a is a fantastic option, because it handles all types of light, it’s so fast and it fits in your pocket meaning you can capture important moments quickly and easily.


How to photograph your friend, or vice versa – How to photograph your subject may seem obvious, but it can really change the whole dynamic of the shot. If you’ve followed the tips above, you should find yourself with much more time to get that killer snap. The key here is to experiment! As the photographer, don’t be afraid to get low, move around and trial different framing opportunities. Direct your friend and move them around the frame too. It won’t be long until you find that shot you love most, that equally showcases an amazing backdrop and your friend or partner looking their best, all at the same time. Just make sure they use the same energy getting you in that killer snap too!


Linda added: “the best backdrops are those that are instantly recognisable like London’s/UK’s top spot, because this provides an exciting opportunity to capture an iconic landmark in a whole new way, your way. However, no matter how great the backdrop is, having a camera that you can rely on to capture a high quality image first time, every time is essential. This is particularly important at locations with high footfall, like many popular landmarks, where you might only have one chance to take the perfect snap.”


69% of Brits say that capturing the money shot is a very important part of their day out. Research shows that this may be because we’re a sentimental nation, with a whopping 94% saying that photographs are the best way to keep a memory.

Sherry Lin, Product Manager for Google Pixel 3a said: “We know how important having a really good camera is to help create the perfect photo. The Pixel 3a’s camera does all the heavy lifting: you can capture beautiful moments using Night Sight and Portrait Mode, all available on Pixel 3a, despite the lower price tag. You also have free storage for all your photos and videos, and can take advantage of 30 hours of battery life while capturing the moment. There’s also a new camera feature called Time Lapse to add to the multiple features Pixel is already known for.”


Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are on sale now for only £399 in selected stores including the Google Store, Carphone Warehouse, EE, Argos, Mobile Phones Direct, and A1 Comms in three colours; Just Black, Clearly White and Purple-ish