UK Influencers Earn More Per Hour Globally Than Their Peers

Adobe announced the latest data and insights on the Creator Economy from the Adobe “Future of Creativity” Study. The study found that more than eight million new creators have joined the UK creator economy since 2020, with this group growing by more than 165 million to 303 million creators globally in the past two years. One in four Brits also describe themselves as a content creator, accounting for 16.5 million creators in the UK, approx. 25% of the population.

But for most UK creators, creating content remains a side hustle, with 65% otherwise employed full-time. Yet, the opportunity to turn a creative passion into a career remains lucrative, with UK influencers earning £117.48 per hour on average, the most out of respondents surveyed in the U.S., U.K., Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Brazil. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that 30% of UK creators say becoming an influencer is a goal and 35% aspire to own their own business to make money from their online content.

Creators and mental health (global findings)

The study revealed the more time creators spend creating and sharing content, the happier they feel. This is the opposite of social media consumers, who studies have shown can experience negative effects from social media use.

  • Creators who make daily content and/or spend 10+ hours per week creating report being happiest overall.
  • Most creators (69%) and influencers (84%) say creating and sharing online content is a creative outlet they can’t find elsewhere.
  • One in two influencers say using social media or creating social content is more important to their mental health than listening to music (31%), exercising (30%) and going outside in nature (27%).

Creators are Key to Advancing Social Causes Online (global findings)

Creators embrace the opportunity to advance conversations around social causes online, taking action to support ones that are important to them personally.

  • Nearly all (95%) of creators take action to advance or support causes that are important to them.
  • Food and housing security (62%), social justice (59%) and climate change (58%) top the list of causes most important to creators around the globe.
  • By using their creativity and influence to advance social causes, creators believe they can drive awareness (51%), give a voice to those who otherwise wouldn’t have one (49%) and make it easier to voice opinions on social causes (47%).

Be it Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, our social feeds are filled with influencer content, consumed multiple times daily. But what does it take to forge a career from content creation and be successful in the process? To inspire the nation to live their best posting lives and arm them with the tools they need to edit content ready for the feed, UK comedian and viral content star, Jack Joseph, reveals his top tips for social success, to help fellow creators find their way to influencer status.

Jack Joseph’s Top Tips For Social Success:

  1. Be authentic and do you: Don’t be scared of what people think. Remember you will never be able to please everybody, as everyone has different preferences, so find your niche and stick to it. Remember to stay true to yourself. The audience will see through it if you’re portraying something fake.
  2. Find your community: Make an effort to network and collaborate with like-minded people within that niche, which will help widen your audience and also help with inspiration for content.
  3. Understand platform matters: Understand how each social platform works and utilise them as best as you can. Decide which platforms you will focus most of your attention on.
  4. Know your worth: When it comes to turning your hobby into a career, make sure you know your worth, and never underestimate it. If you put all of your focus on being intentional, creating unique and creative content that fits with your brand – then let money become a bi product of that
  5. Make editing key: Make the most of digital tools such as Photoshop, to really finesse your content as quality is key
  6. Be patient: When it comes to building a loyal audience, slow and steady wins. Don’t expect big things to happen overnight, and in most cases if it does, there will not be longevity.

Commenting on the findings of the Creators in the Creator Economy study, Jack Joseph said; “It’s great to see influencers being taken seriously and more creators wanting to make it a full-time career. Social media is an industry that is constantly evolving, which is why I’ve learnt it’s important to be prepared to adapt and edit your content to fit different platforms, what’s trending and what your audience is loving. But staying true to yourself is the key to success and most important of all, is to enjoy the process!”

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