Twice the health with Nikita Parris


The FA Girls’ Football Week is a national campaign with activities taking place at colleges and universities throughout the week. It aims to encourage girls of all experience and ability to take part in football and use the sport as a fun and sociable way to stay active- as well as an opportunity to find a new squad of friends. To show how beneficial the activities can be, Twice the Health teamed up with England star and Liverpool John Moores student Nikita Parris at her university to take part in a series of Girls’ Football Week activities to see what it was all about. The pair, nutritionist Emily and PT Hannah, met at Cardiff University and share a passion for keeping fit through buddy exercises.

So how did the girls from Twice the Health get on in The FA Girls Football Week? Hannah said “Our training session with Nikita really opened our eyes to how much fun football can be, even as first timers. We loved the session and the fitness benefits of football are obvious. It’s also a great way to meet new people and exercise as a group, the perfect opportunity to find a new squad.” Emily from Twice the Health added “We’d encourage anyone thinking about attending a Girls’ Football Week session to give it a go and be sure to share your squad’s footy experiences!”

England star Nikita Parris, back from the incredible Lionesses tournament during the summer added “I couldn’t believe how much the girls improved over the session, the more fun we had, the more I noticed the girls’ confidence growing. It was great to hear how much they all enjoyed the training session and that they would all be keen to play again.”

Participants in Girls’ Football Week are encouraged to share their experiences by sharing a ‘squad selfie’ using #JoinOurSquad to stand a chance of winning prizes.


The FA Girls’ Football Week launches on Monday 6th November and gives students the opportunity to stay active in a fun and sociable way through football. Make sure you head to a session and share a picture of your experience using #JoinOurSquad to win exclusive prizes. For more information and to find a session visit