Treasury Wine Estates takes you around the world with new range of Augmented Reality labels

Brits are being given the chance to experience wine like never before, as they virtually visit a glacial wonderland and soar like an eagle through the vast wine valleys of South Australia, all thanks to Treasury Wine Estates’ (TWE) new range of ‘Living Wine Labels.’

TWE, one of the world’s largest wine companies, is the first to introduce Augmented Reality (AR) to its labels and then roll it out at scale. This technology debuted on its 19 Crimes brand in 2017 to huge international success, with users able to hear the stories of British convicts transported to Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries. The AR experience is activated via the Living Wine Labels (LWL) app, which has had over two million downloads globally and boasts a four-star rating on both Google Play and the App Store.


Transporting the traditional world of wine into an exciting tech space, the experiences offered through the platform involve users downloading the Living Wine Labels app and scanning their phones over the wine label. The label then comes to life, providing interesting and informative AR content.

The Wolf Blass Yellow Label AR experience allows the user to follow a virtual eagle as it soars across the Barossa Valley, where the wine is made. Users can then explore the Wolf Blass Yellow Label world by way of three different interactive hotspots, which allow them to find out more about the wine. The first hotspot outlines the history of Wolf Blass and their awards; the second delves into the inspiring company ethos of ‘Here’s to the Chase’ – a celebration of those who boldly pursue triumph; while the third shows the winemaking philosophy and process.

The Matua experience allows the user to explore a New Zealand glacial wonderland. This label also uses built-in thermochromatic technology, which shows when the bottle is chilled to optimal drinking temperature. Both a snowflake symbol and a traditional Maori Tā moko symbol appear when the right temperature is reached, making it simple for users to recognise the best temperature for the wines without having to consult a table or chart.

The newest addition to the platform, Lindeman’s Bin, allows the user to get creative with the label artwork. With the flowers coming to life and seemingly filling the room around the bottle, the app technology then allows for their colour to be updated creating a bespoke 3D masterpiece!

Regarding the new launch, European Marketing Director Kirstie McCosh says, “We are excited to continue expanding the unique use of AR technology across some of our most popular wines and provide consumers with a heightened drinking experience.  The AR platform allows us to connect with consumers, whilst also educating them on the history behind the wine and how best to drink it.”

Alongside Lindeman’s Bin, Matua and Wolf Blass Yellow Label, several other collections are available on the Living Wine Labels app, including 19 Crimes and Lindeman’s Gentleman’s Collection in the UK; and Beringer Brothers, the Walking Dead and Chateau St. Jean in the US. The app is available in more than 90 countries.

The Living Wine Labels app is available to download from the iTunes and Google Play store. Lindeman’s Bin, Matua and Wolf Blass Yellow Label can be found stocked in UK stores Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.


Brand Augmented Reality Experience
19    Crimes Hear the stories of 18th and 19th century convicts transported to Australia
Matua Use chill technology to discover when the wine is at the perfect temperature
Wolf Blass Learn about the Barossa Valley vineyard and award-winning wine
Lindeman’s Gentleman’s Collection A gentleman’s guide to Augmented Reality presented by Dr Henry Lindeman
Lindeman’s Bin Watch the label artwork pop out and fill the room and interact with it



Matua – £8.99

Wolf Blass – £9.00



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