2016 has led us down many interesting routes and fashion has definitely had a crazy year. It’s been the year of nudes and neutrals, holes and rips and lets not forget socks and sandals. We’re going to run through the top 2016 trends that you could not hide away from, and probably tried yourself!

vintage-jeans-zara-boyfriendsDISTOPIAN RIPS
Everyone, and we do mean everyone, has owned something ripped this year. Whether it’s a hoodie or jeans, or even a t-shirt with a million holes. For this trend we thank Kanye and his Yeezy season 3. Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and even Beyoncé has been a fan of Yeezy 3 this year and if it wouldn’t burn a gigantic hole in our pockets, I’m sure we’d be ripped up too.


We’re not talking about those cute little burgers you get with the toothpick in them either. Nope, we’re talking about slider sandals that everyone in 2016 insisted in wearing with socks. Now this trend goes back decades, but for some reason has come back with vengeance. Guilty brands for these are Nike, Adidas and lets not forget the FENTY X PUMA range. Rih had girls walking in pink furry sliders in pretty much every instagram photo. Definitely a stand out trend of 2016 – we wonder what renovation the sliders will undergo for 2017!


Again, Yeezy is to blame. From Kim Kardashian’s skin tight bodycon’s to Beyoncé’s Lemonade grey all in one- neutrals and earth tones have been huge this year. We don’t care who you are; you know that at one point this year you’ve owned a grey, brown, dark green or tan item of clothing. From leggings to jump suits to oversized t’s, we know you’ve contributed.


Now, we know contouring has been around for ages but this year, with the help of instagram and the Kardashians, contouring has been everywhere. You cannot be on instagram for 20 seconds without sliding onto some form of contour makeup tutorial. We’ve seen some awful ones, some amazing ones and some … freaky ones. Either way, we could not write an article about 2016 trends and not include shaping your face with lines and dots.


Big, plump lips were completely everywhere. Although we do admit that this trend started in 2015, it certainly peaked this year. With the help of lip liner and matte lip-gloss, 2016 has been the year of pouting and lip blending. With every trend comes the good, bad and ugly – we’ve seen our fair share of lip faux pas. But we’re sure it’ll get better with another year of practice, right?


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