Top Tips to be Summer Fit

The sun is out, skin is out and people are becoming oh so self-conscious as the British sun decides to take its position for the next few months (we can dream can’t we?)! why didn’t we stick to the rigorous training regime pre summer! Theres no need to panic, so what if you can’t quite squeeze into last years denim shorts, buy a bigger pair we say! Be comfortable in your own skin we say!! In fact read our hot tips to be fit and healthy this summer with less stress and a lot more positivity (plus the water,  hydration is so underrated)

Drink plenty of water. Water is quite simply fuel for the body, it cleanses and refreshes it. Sports drinks are also a great form of rehydration especially during a workout, some sports drinks such as PowerAid and GatorAid have special ingredients that help replenish fluids to prevent dehydration.

Get outdoors, It’s Summer! What better time to appreciate the great outdoors and the sunshine! Some people find the gym environment deflating or monotonous so here’s the perfect chance to change-up the scenery! Make a list of outdoor activities that you want to participate in over the summer and just do them!!

Love yourself. Don’t compare yourself to that glam fitness model on Insta with over 30k followers or even your next door neighbour for that matter! Accept the fact that we are all built differently! Always love yourself for who you are inside and do your best! Your mental fitness is equally important so how you feel will affect how you look!!! So let’s all smile and appreciate YOU!! Remember 80% of social media users use a filter or only upload the good!!! Don’t be fooled!

Have Fun. Remember it’s summer, time to create some amazing memories!Choose activities you like, maybe try  outdoor salsa class, or maybe water Zumba maybe more for you! Whatever it is relax and ENJOY! The more you enjoy it the less hard work!

Be food prepared! No matter where we are, we’re often tempted to “eat on the go” especially when traveling. Sadly, most ready to go snacks are calorie packed and nutrient deprived. Try to pack ahead and enjoy a yummy granola bars, a bowl of fresh fruits and/or nuts! Hopefully this will help you walk straight passed the bakery with the sweet-smelling pastries! If not, remember everything in moderation!

Friends “I’ll be there for you
Having a partner keeps you on task and means you’re a lot less likely to flake. It’s also encouraging and inspiring to work out with a friend, spur each other on and have fun too! Make being healthy and fit part of your social Calendar!

Now kick-start your summer, stay healthy, stay fit and HAVE FUN!!

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