Top Tips for Keeping Fit Throughout 2016

We’ve all made our New Year’s resolutions but this is the year we WILL stick to them! To make things a little easier for making those typical New Year changes, we’ve come up with some easy tips to keep you fit and happy throughout 2016.

Do more HIIT

HIIT (high intensity interval training) are workouts which involve intense bursts of exercise followed by rest times or less-intense physical activity. When exercising at high intensity, carbohydrates are used as the main supply of energy whilst fats are the second source, making HIIT a perfect exercise for those trying to lose weight. The higher the intensity that you workout, the longer your body will continue to burn calories after you have finished your exercise. It also strengthens your overall fitness levels due to the improvements it has on your Cardio Respiratory fitness.

LISS (low intensity steady state) exercise is still a good option due to how it can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and generally improve your fitness levels. The goals which you have for yourself will make a difference in which type of exercise is more effective and beneficial.

Avoid those fad diets

A diet plan which promises dramatic, short-term results are not loved by our bodies. If you shed the pounds, it is highly likely you will pile them back on in the long run due to the unusual food choices or lack of nutrition. A generally, healthy diet that you stick to everyday is the only key to keeping the weight off and remaining fit.

Instead of trying numerous celebrity-promoted diets such as the juice cleanse or the soup diet, eating well and nutritiously every day will benefit your overall health for the long term and, when combined with exercise, you will find it much easier to keep the weight off. A healthy diet should not conjure up images of salads and vegetables, your body needs carbohydrates and it needs fats (in moderation of course) but stop fearing a healthy diet in 2016!

Learn to love weights

Lifting weights will NOT make you bulky. To get huge and wrestler-like you would have to be eating an amount of calories each day that would probably scare you. Body builders have had to go to a lot of preparation to get the way they look, if you can dead lift 10kg that does not make you a body builder. Strength is highly important and your body has to work harder to lift the heavy weights, meaning you burn fat whilst improving your overall fitness levels. Step away from the 2kg dumbbells and make friends with the squat rack.

Water is your best friend

Often when you feel a bit hungry, your body is actually in need of hydration, water makes you feel full, meaning the more you sip throughout the day, the less likely you are to snack unnecessarily. H2O also energises your muscles, when you are hydrated your muscles can perform better – which is why you should always drink water when exercising. It’s not just your insides that need it, water in your skin acts as a protective barrier to prevent fluid loss, making your skin look less dry and, overall, making you appear fresh faced.