Top running apps with Puregrit PT

Running – It isn’t for everyone (and that’s ok!). There’s one great thing about it though, and that’s that you need no extra kit to do it; that being said, a pair of good trainers usually help!

I have put together a little selection of running apps that you may or may not be familiar with, which can be downloaded across whatever platform you may be using. Whether you prefer something structured, fun, or like to be a part of a group uploading their data to one place; there will be something for you.

5 Apps for the runner in you:

  • Strava – Community support more your speed? See where you rank amongst others, and get that encouragement to run again and again
  • NRC – Voice guided runs, from short stints to marathon length, its all covered
  • Map My Run – Find routes from other users, or make your own and track where you’ve been
  • Couch to 5K – From not running, to gradually increasing your distance to run that 5k!
  • Zombies, Run! – More of a game than anything else, but I’ve used this in the past to get myself running a little longer and a little faster; all in the name of collecting medical packs and running away from the undead

Looking for inspiration on exercises, or just want to see how the darn things should look? Visit for a free library of examples!

Psst: If you’re heading into a gym, please spray down and clean your kit after you are done, and put it back where it lives; this is for your own safety and consideration of others.

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